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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The lonely girl sitting by herself at the table held the heart-attack-bestowing sandwich in both hands, staring down at it. Felicia was hungry, but for some reason, she just found herself unable to gain the motivation to make burger meet mouth. Was this the rest of her life? If she could never again muster up the drive to do anything, then life from here on out would be empty. She would never be able to accomplish any of her life goals. She would never love again. She'd probably never play another shooter without bursting into fits of PTSD. Life was useless, now.

"Hey, now. That's not the way to be, is it?"

Felicia stared at the burger in her hands. It wasn't very hard to imagine, with the two dabs of ketchup that spattered the top bun and the pickle slice that just slightly jutted past the sandwich's edge, that there was a little face in there. Kind of cute, actually.

I really hope you're not talking to me, seeing as you're my food. And I'm really hungry.

"Yes, yes, I know that. And yet, you're not eating me."

... Point being?

"What's the problem?"

Felicia narrowed her eyes. This burger was really starting to piss her off, bringing up stupid questions like that. What's the problem? Any figment of her imagination should've known what the god-damned problem was.

Gee, let's see. Most of my friends are dead. My girlfriend is dead. I watched most of them die, sometimes in my arms. Had a dead body fall on me, once. Killed two people, and that's two faces I ain't ever going to forget. And, just because my brain hates me, I'm talking to supper.


So? The hell do you mean, SO!?

"... I mean, if you keep living that out... what happened in the past. You're going to suffer forever."

Look, just... can we stop? I went down this road with Aislyn, and that conversation was every bit as real as this one. Meaning... not at all. I've heard it all before. Keep moving onward. Live for the future. Blah blah blah. Now, get in my belly.

"Sure. That is, if you can eat me."

... Come again?

"You've been holding me for, like, five minutes. If you were going to eat me, you would have already. What gives? This is what I'm wondering. You should be hungry. Don't I smell AWESOME?"

... You do. It's just, it's hard to eat when-

"Hey, Felicia."

"Hey, Felicia."

The mention of her name snapped Felicia out of her feverish conversation with her burger. Setting the thing down so she could turn her attention to finding who had called her, Felicia's eyes fell upon an unforgettable face: Jay. Jay was sitting with some kids... no, that wasn't proper, was it? Felicia knew them all. She had better know them all, especially the way their graduating class had gotten cut down to size like that. They were all very precious, those who were left. And precious moments like eating not-hospital food were always best when shared with precious people.

She felt moments of shyness, wanting to make her be a wallflower. That wasn't her. The Felicia Carmichael of Bayview would go into social situations with reckless abandon, party like it was going out of style, and dance like nobody was watching. Maybe that girl would never be exactly the same, but... maybe that's how the healing started.

"Yeah, alright, I'm game. Just... one sec," Felicia uttered, pushing her chair out and leaving her food where it was when she went over to the table."Puuuuuush over, my ass is comin' through! I'll McFlurry you under the goddamn table, son!"
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