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Jay tapped his fingers on the table, bobbing his head. It hadn't been a smooth transition, but it was plain to see that everyone was on the same page. No talk about the game.

Well, everyone except Brendan. But even he seemed to get over it quickly, when confronted with Oreo McFlurry shots. Jay reached into the bag, producing cup upon cup, around fifteen in all.

"Okay, yeah, exactly like that Brendan. Just like normal shots, only with McFlurries."

He spread the cups out to the four of them, nudging another towards Sarah. The girl seemed pretty shaky still. He doubted she'd join them, but there was no sense in not playing the good bartender and refusing her another shot.

I hope she doesn't start bawling. Holy fuck, that would be so awkward.

Chase had been giggling the entire time. Jay turned his attention back towards her, a smile coming easy to his face. She was pretty cute. Odd, but she wasn't ugly.

"I agree! It sounds kinda fun," Chase said. "Just... just how many do you have, Jay? J-just so we know?"

"Just do as much as you can! We all got uh...," Jay paused a moment, mentally calculating. "Uh... Six. Yes, we all got Six cups. No, no we need way more than that."

Jay quickly glanced back into his bag, grabbing a few more containers out and putting them on the table.

First and last time I bash Canadians. If I had a job, I wouldn't have given a shit if some douchebag told me to make McFlurry shots for 'em.

"Okay, not gonna bother counting them out to you all, we all know I'm a fucking idiot who doesn't know math. Uhhh, if anyone goes past six, just grab another." He said.

Jay craned his neck, turning around in his seat.

"We need more people..." He mumbled to himself.

The rest of the survivors had spread out all around the store under the watchful eyes of STAR. They were clustered in groups at other tables, most talking quietly. Some however, sat alone. Jay felt goosebumps on his skin.

They always been loners, or is this a new experience for them? We can fit our entire graduating class into a McDonalds. Heh. I shouldn't have even graduated.

His eyes fell on a girl sitting at a table nearby. Felicia.

"Hey, Felicia," He said, a bit louder than he'd meant. Several heads turned, but Jay paid them little mind. Jay raised up a ketchup container, tipping it in her general direction. "McFlurry Shots. Want in?"
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