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Some of you may remember a thing I tried in v3's pregame, way back when. The idea was simple, a fighting tournament to put some action in pregame, give people some practise writing action scenes and determine just who was the toughest kid in Southridge High. By all accounts it was pretty fun, albeit plagued by inactivity, so naturally I'm giving it a go again! For those who haven't clicked the link, or don't entirely remember the first tournament and its rules, here's the first post of that thread:

Yes, you read me right ladies and germs (:P), I am proud to announce that I am starting the first (and possibly only) Southridge Tournament for our pregame board. What is the tournament, you ask? Simple; a fighting competition between the characters of this Pregame until only one is left standing as tournament champion. Of course, every competition needs rules, and I am using the basic ruleset credited and owned by the Hircine High board because they are the most effective for this kind of competition that I have seen. Here are my rules, a modified version of theirs.

1. Each match will last for a week. Matches will start on Monday, be judged Saturday evening, and are expected to be finished by the start of the next match. Fights will be extended to ten days for semi-finals and finals. These fights will still be judged on the 7th day, but the extra time will allow for a better ending. Fights are judged by both RP and fighting skills. Kicking ass isn’t enough to win, and being emo is a quick way to get your ass kicked. The IC time limit for fights is ten minutes; keep that in mind.

2. NPC character Montezzo Valtieri is both host of the tournament and acting as referee. Fights end either by judge's decision after the time limit expires, submission, technical KO, or KO. If one attempts to back out of the fight for any other reasons, that claim will be ignored. You must finish the fight, so there is no walking out unless you’re doing so with a limp or because you’re just submitted from a painful hold.

3. Tournament rounds are held within half an hour of each other IC (for example, John Doe wins his first fight; his second fight will start in a half hour once the other fights end), so any injuries from earlier matches move over to the next. Since tournament matches take account RP ability, those who ignore this will likely lose even if they appear to winning.

4. All match participants are expected to post within 24 hours of the threads beginning. If they do not, a board member who did not make the cut previously will be allowed to take his place. If this happens further into the tournament, the loser of the previous match will take his place, and the decision for the previous match reversed for ease of story. The result from the previous match will be considered a KO

5. All participants in the fight are expected to post something in thread every 24 hours. It can be an OOC excuse, but something must be posted to show you have not lost the ability to post for the rest of the tournament. Failure to do either of these results in a loss of the match, either by the last hit that was not responded to or the next attack launched against you being a KO or technical KO.

If the previous attack has dire consequences, such as a dislocated shoulder, these effects carry. By entering the tournament you agree to these terms, so arguing will accomplish nothing.

6. There is no limit to force allowed by tournament rules. Though you must ask for permission and fully explain any fatal and permanently crippling attempts to your opponent, any other degree of force is allowed. Dirty fighting is perfectly fine as well.

Failure to ask for the exceptions will result in at least a temporary ban from tournaments, and the defeat of the offending character.

6b. The tournament admits competitors of either gender, and in the case of male vs. female fights sexual harassment on the part of either fighter will result in their disqualification.

7. There are no weapons allowed in the tournament. Any attempt to bullshit this rule will result banning. If you don’t know, ask.

8. Audiences are allowed (and encouraged) in the tournament, but commentary will not favor any side in the conflict. No interference besides verbal is allowed during the fight. Don’t try and call a winner, because you will look like an ass when you’re wrong. Also, if the audience takes up excessive amounts of the tournament posts, they will no longer be allowed

9. Due to the fact that handlers on the board have multiple characters, only one will be allowed to participate in the tournament. They will also be required to state here which character they use. For example, I will be fighting with Darnell. Other characters of handlers are allowed to be spectators at fights, but only one may fight, and if it interferes with posting with the fighting character this right will be revoked. For example, Handler A might have John Doe fighting, but is allowed to mention that his friend Rick Richardson is watching as long as this doesn't impair his rate of fight posts with John Doe and Rick does not actively interfere with the fights.

10. Arguing in a thread does not count as an IC post for time purposes. Post that your working out details and do arguments over PM. Arguing over PM and not posting notification will result in losing a fight.

11. Having someone else argue in a thread for you will result in both parties getting temporarily banned. Having support voice their opinion doesn’t make you right, it makes you a jackass who doesn’t know the rules.

12. These rules cannot be "bent". If you think you any doubts about something, ask. If not, you'll face responsibility if you’re called on it. "I didn't think I would have to ask" is will be translated into "I ignored the rules" whenever used as an excuse.

13. (supplemental) Also remember that while you will be fighting to win and to practice your RP skills, the main objective is to have fun. Don't let the outcome or particular opponents distract you from that fact. Remember that it's just a game.

With that said, I will need fighters and judges, due to the fact that I am both participating as a fighter and a judge. Two other judges should be enough, and I'm looking for about 16 characters fighting (including Darnell) but can adjust for less. Tournaments take place in the basement of Shooters, this is both OOC and IC the first tournament.

So, who wants a rumble? :P

Still with me? Good. I thought it would be a fun addition to pregame and would give us a chance to hone our skills at writing good action and the like. Now, here's where things differ from last tournament:

1. Obviously, there are different people involved. Referee and partial organiser is my pregame character Viktor Maeda, and I will not be fighting unless there is no other choice; it would make judging more difficult, and obviously if I were to win again it would look pretty bad, wouldn't it?

2. This tournament is much more organised. It's hosted by and held in a local MMA gym, Warren's Combat Club, with gym space cleared for concessions, audiences/press and betting areas, etc. The fights themselves are held in one of the gym's octagons, which is the regulation size and looks like what you'd see in a UFC fight. The fights also use official MMA rules for the most part. UFC-style gear is provided (cups, gloves, mouth guards, sports bras for female fighters, etc.) and anything legal in a sanctioned MMA fight is legal here. Prohibited moves are similar: No biting, eye-gouging, groin attacks, hair-pulling or hits to the back of the head.

The major differences are in anything pertaining to rounds: There is only the single, ten-minute round, and there are no cornermen. There are medics in attendance for any injuries however, which your character will have signed a waiver for or had a parent sign if under eighteen, and any medical attention needed will be paid for.

3. We are going to be much more harsh on activity this time round. The v3 tournament's semifinals fell apart because half the fighting handlers went inactive. Not again.

4. I'm less flexible on the 16-fighters thing. We only had eight last time and it didn't feel right at all, so let's try to fill this up. I can improvise if needed but would really prefer we get a good roster going. Keep in mind if we have another eight-character tourney the IC assumption will be your characters won a preliminary round.

5. Not really a difference, per se, but more a note. If you're interested but don't have a finalised character concept who'd take part yet, don't worry! Just note your interest and I'll put you down; it's why I started this thread so early.

6. Press will be present. Newspapers, people from news channels, etc. Please keep this in mind, and feel free to involve it in your posts.

IC reasoning: That's right, this one sorta has a plot! Viktor, being into this sort of thing, has worked together with Warren's Combat Club to organise this tournament, which is kept exclusive to Aurora because he doesn't really have the pull to make it open for anyone to fight and because it's much cheaper for the gym to host it. They've agreed, and helped promote and set it up, because it will get them free publicity, let them scout out some new talent and work towards a good cause. All proceeds made, from admission price (open for discussion/decision), concessions, betting etc. are donated directly to the Seattle Children's Hospital. I can see the headline now: "Local High School Students Brawl for Children's Health" :P

We've also got some neater prizes IC this time round, which are a choice of the following:
1. $3,000 cash prize
2. Free gear (they keep the fight gear they were given) and two months' free training time with the gym's pro fighters. After this training period, the winner will be offered further membership with the possibility of amateur fighting and eventually a professional licence in the future if they are interested.
3. A very large flatscreen TV and the latest sound system. They'll set it up for you!

If either of the latter two are chosen, the $3,000 will go to the person or cause of the winner's choice. You can not get round this by choosing yourself. Non-negotiable prizes include an improvised championship belt and recognition as the school's best fighter, and ain't that a title to graduate to? :P

I will, of course, need fighters and judges. Judging seems taken care of, but let me know if you'd be interested in filling in if one of us drops out.

1. Outfoxd
2. Toben
3. Myself

IC note: In-character, judges are fighters at the gym who have some free time

1. Rachael Langdon (Laurelena)
2. Kay? (Dete)
3. Owen Kay (Pippin)
4. Jamie Snicket (CorruptDropbear)
5. Lee Penbur (Doc Balance)
6. Mark Kent (Sean)
7. Jasper Rourke (Inky)
8. Lana Torres (KamiKaze)
10. Casey Malkovich (Tagabasa)
11. Monica Bowman (Flare)
12. Mark Little (Stark)
13. Brian Zhdanobich (Fiori)
14. Jane Gordan (Sister Grimm)
15. Michael Mitchellson (dmboogie)
16. Katherine Warren (Outfoxd)

Please copy-paste the above list into your posts and put your character's name in the appropriate slot. If you want, you can put your own name in parenthesis. Just to note, a start date has not been decided yet, so there's going to be plenty of time.

Any questions?

Edit: Roster is full! Still accepting registrations for backup fighters in the event of people dropping out or simply never showing up.

Backup fighters:
1. Aidan Flynn
2. Allen Blue
4. Matt Masters
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