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It was just his luck.

Brendan was a nice enough guy. Jay was sure he'd have gone crazy at first, locked up in a hospital with nothing to do. Brendan had been a constant source of amusement, and for that Jay was glad. He'd survived with nary a scratch, which had turned into more of a curse than a blessing. He wasn't allowed to leave the grounds unaccompanied. A STAR member was usually close by, or some other hospital staff. It was maddening, infuriating. He was fine, maybe a little unhealthy physically, but nothing a good meal couldn't fix. But he was still kept under tight control, his every move monitored, as if they expected him to do something crazy.

Even worse was the bullshit sessions he was mandated to take.

It drove him up the wall, and as irrational as it was, he hated it more than the Island. On the Island at least he could piss by himself.

Bitching would have been his first option, had they not let him wander the halls and entire other students rooms.

Some of it was rough. Andrea Raymer had been in a fight on one of the last days, and had been set up on some machines. Jay hadn't caught the full story, and the Hospital staff would rather bite off their own tongues then show him real SotF footage. The most he got was hearsay and gossip from STARs and other surviving students. Something about a kid named Alex White, who Jay didn't know.

Andrea had never been his closest friend. But seeing her hooked up with some sort of spinal injury, it sent his stomach into fits all the same. He couldn't stay long in her room, and any attempt at sympathy died in his throat. How could he understand? How could he even dare to? He barely knew the girl. Everyone had suffered differently, and to prying into it wasn't something he intended to do.

What happened was her business.

Brendan was awake though. Brendan had been awake, and he had been Jay's roomie for the stay at the Hospital. Jay had a feeling Brendan was more than slightly annoyed at his constant chatter, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Brendan was a decent kid, and he was never rude. That was all Jay could have asked for. But Brendan had it wrong.

The only way off the Island, and the only way forward was to move on.

Stop thinking. Start joking.

Chase understood. He'd never been close friends with her, but Jay appreciated her more than ever in that moment. Jay gave a chuckle, purposefully avoiding Brendan's remark. It was obvious, but he jumped on it quick before anyone else could respond.

"Hey Chase. You ever heard of this Japanese guy, Kobayashi?"

Jay grabbed a Quarter Pounder from out of another box, holding it up dramatically for all the table to see.

"Dude could swallow this in one bite. He's like... like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. He eats and eats and doesn't get fat. Fastest metabolism in the west."

Jay took a bite, pausing to savor it for a second before continuing.

"Dude ate 69 hotdogs in a minute. I wiki'd that shit! I'm like him, I've got a black hole in my stomach. I could eat all this if you give me enough time."

Jay's eyes flickered around the table and over the various trays of food, before falling on a smaller bag. Opening it, a grin spread across his face. Triumphantly he pulled out two ketchup holders, filled with Oreo McFlurry. Jay leaned back in his chair, admiring the prize in his hands.

"I can't believe they actually did it," He said, a look of childlike onder in his eyes. "Someone deserves a raise. McFlurry Shots."

He looked across the table, from Chase to Brendan, to Sarah, the quieter girl. Reaching across the table, he offered her a ketchup container.

"Yo', have a shot. This is awesome, you need to try it." He said, dropping it on Sarah's tray. He placed the second in front of Brendan, an apology of sorts for shifting the conversation so rapidly.

Jay cast a backwards glance toward the doors, watching the other students eat. Some sat together, others alone. He bit his lip lightly, his fingers jittering and tapping on his knee.

"I think I've got some more. Maybe we could call some other people over. Have a contest, just for shits and giggles."
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