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The faceless fear
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Sarah nibbled another small portion of her burger, and took a sip of her coke. The doctors said she had to gain some weight. She swallowed the food down and sat there, looking somewhat miserable, more so that Brendan had brought up her little eating problem.

Sarah shrank back in her seat and shook her head vigorously, taking the fish burger with her. She bit into it again, chewing and swallowing.

Chase joined them. Sarah liked Chase, who was more cheerful than she was all the time now. They'd become friends in group therapy, and Sarah had latched onto Chase as her pillar of sanity, so to speak. Well, there was that one incident where BOTH of them wigged out at the same time, but it was all right otherwise.

She smiled and patted the chair next to her, indicating an invitation to Chase, then took another bite, chewing the food and swallowing it. She had to keep the food down. She'd eaten three bites of the burger now, and had at least half the coke, giggling at Jay's weird behaviour. Perhaps he was on the other side of the eating spectrum.

Then Brendan said something awful, again. Sarah gawped at the boy. She had to expect Brendan to be a little bit insensitive, but this was really pushing it. She felt the bile rise up in her throat. She shut her eyes, swallowing it back down. She didn't want to think about the island. She just wanted to forget. Everyone kept reminding her of it.

They all died to protect little Sarah. And Sarah, she'd run away. She ran when she could have stayed and helped. She ran. Everyone else's deaths, from after she left. They were all her fault!

Sarah swallowed and put the burger back in its box, pushing it away from her, she murmured "I'm not hungry anymore..."

Three bites and half a coke. A personal record.
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