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Little Boy
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"First off, you motherfuckers are going to supersize everything."

Jay Holland stood at the front of the line, speaking with authority. His face was hardened, a dangerous look in his eyes. Comical, in truth. Jay had lost a lot more weight then he'd initially thought. Coupled with lack of sleep, both on the island and off, and Jay looked more like a starving African child than anything else.

"I want six McDoubles. You are going to stack that shit. You are going to put fries inside the fucking burgers, and you're gonna have someone fill up those dinky little ketchup cups with Oreo McFlurry, so I can take some shots of that. I want four quarter pounders, and I want you to put THAT together, so you can call it like, a fuckin' pounder or something. Also. All of the ice cream. Empty the god damn ice cream machine. Keep filling up milkshakes until its empty, I'll take all of it."

The bespectacled boy behind the register looked completely bewildered for a second, before dutifully inputting Jay's order.

Jay paused for a moment, taking a breath and shooting a hasty glance back towards the door, where a member of STAR stood, keeping an eye on things. Jay turned back to the Cashier, realizing he'd begun clenching his fists. Awkwardly he cleared his throat, and the youth looked up at him again, expecting more. Jay zoned back into reality, blinking away memories.

I left them on a beach...

"I didn't mention drinks, did I?" Jay said sternly.

The youth shook his head.

"Biggest cup size you got, I want a coffee and a Pepsi," Jay said. "Yeah, I want a ten by ten, sugar and milk. I want sugar grains at the bottom of the cup, unable to dissolve because there is so fucking much of it. And because I'm an American, I want all of this super fuckin' fast."

"For... here?" The employee said.

Jay nodded sharply, trying his best to avoid cracking a smile.

"And toys. Do you guys have like, Hot Wheels? I want one of each of them."

"I'm sorry. We've got uh, Transformers at the moment."

"Fuck it then."


It took him several trips to take all the food to the table.

I survived Terrorism. I have the right to get fat.

As he dropped his tray down next to Brendan, Jay let out a sigh, and stretched.

"Fuckin' Canadians."

With that he sat down, grabbing at the nearest bag and withdrawing a Quarter Pounder. As he flipped open the lid, he looked around the table.

Brendan, Chase and Sarah. He didn't know any of them particularly well, but he'd been placed in the same wing as Brendan at the hospital, and they'd talked a bit. Not a whole lot, and certainly not about the game.

Doesn't matter much. Not like I can go and sit with Hayley and Alex and Jas'.

A dull pain in his stomach. A twitch in his hand. Before he could start thinking, Jay shoved the burger in his mouth, nearly causing himself to gag. He pulled away, chewing loudly, slurping at his Pepsi.

"Oh my fuck, this is good guys," He said, his eyes bulging. Jay pointed toward his burger, looking at his fellow classmates with wonder in his eyes. "I take it back, I like these people now. They patch us up for free, and their burgers don't even have spit in it. You can totally tell there is a lack of spit in this burger."

He glanced toward the girls, Chase and Sarah. He hadn't known them before. Quiet girls. Never in a million years had he thought he'd been here, in the middle of bumfuck B.C, dining on five trays of food with maniac depressive terrorist victims. His life had taken a turn for the strange.

Don't think about anything, eat your burger and act stupid.

Jay took another bite, savoring it. Before he was even finished chewing, he had his hand in another bag, searching for fries.

"Weirdest boner right now, am I right? Whole new meaning to the term happy meal," Jay said, elbowing Brendan in the arm. "You should have seen the clerk's face, when he realized I was serious. I don't think anyone has ever dropped 120 bucks on McDonalds before. Least not up here in moose country."
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