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She'd made it.

She never thought she'd live to see another Happy Meal. Chase didn't even like fast food. Working at fast food had lessened her opinion of it, and normally she'd be sick of it. But for the first time in her life, she was kind of happy to see the burger in front of her.

What could she say?

Being in the hospital was kind of stressful, she had to admit. Initially, she had tried to decline being there in the first place, even offering to prove that she didn't need to go by doing a lap around the place, but in the end they had won out and soon Chase was with everyone else. Chase wasn't injured, but as the doctors quickly found she still needed medical care.

They had two main concerns regarding her health; one, she had lost a lot of weight. Chase, being naturally somewhat scrawny to begin with, had lost a significant amount of weight on the island, potentially putting her life in danger. As a result, it was a goal to increase weight even now. She had plumped up a small amount since she had arrived at the hospital, and while she was still skinny she at least was gradually gaining weight. It was difficult to even keep food down at first, but she was getting there.

The other concern? Her mental well-being. Which wasn't so easy to conquer. Chase ended up having multiple panic attacks when she was in the hospital. The first time was when they decided to cut her hair for "hygiene reasons". Her long dark hair, normally well-taken care of, had been extremely tangled during her time on the island, to the point where according to the people there said it was wasn't salvageable and it was a good idea to remove part of it for both comfort and hygiene reasons. Needless to say? Chase initially agreed despite the fact that she would miss having long hair, only to start hyperventilating when the hair was actually touched. It just... somehow reminded her too much of Gracie, that time where she grabbed her by the hair. A good portion had been cut off by the end, but still, for obvious reasons it took a while. The second time was when she was having a conversation with one of the therapists, only to start breaking down in tears partway through. It then happened a third and fourth time, the same way. She was triggered by a beeping noise in the hospital. And, most humorously of all, she had once been triggered by Scooby Doo. Chase happened to be watching it at the time, it ended up making her panic, and, well, the nurse had a hard time getting her to calm down even after she turned it off.

In hindsight, that last one was kind of funny. Her. Freaking out over Scooby Doo.

The downside was, it left a small warning to her. It meant that if Scooby Doo, of all things, could trigger her, then... most things she couldn't watch anymore, at least right now. It left Chase with a small sense of melancholy, knowing that all those horror films she liked to watch would never be the same again. Even if she magically stopped panicking over films, she'd still be reminded of what happened on that island. It only served to emphasize how much had been taken from her.

Heck, to be honest? She still wasn't sure if she deserved it as much as other people. Erik hadn't escaped. Aston hadn't escaped. Peter, that boy who had rescued them, hadn't escaped. She didn't even get to say goodbye or, heck, even a thank you. There were so many people who deserved to live over her. Much better, and much braver. What about Jon, or Dawne, or Rekka? Or what about Joshua, Marty, Michelle, Ben, pretty much everyone? Of course, there were people that didn't deserve to escape. The obvious choices were people like Maxwell, but she personally had to add people like Kitty and Gracie to the list. Chase could never forgive Kitty for what she did to Brendan. She had attacked him for no good reason, and could have killed him.

But in the end, she'd made it. It was a beautiful thing really. In a way, she had been given a second chance at life. And in the end, she had taken it. Initially for Brendan's sake, but she was now alive. For the time being, it was over. Almost. Kind of. She knew her life would be different from this point forward, but she was, for the first time in a while, happy to be alive.

So, how about them Mickey D's? She had gotten the hamburger, milkshake and fries she had wanted. Burgers and fries man. Somehow, fast food seemed delicious right now. Then again, anything was preferable to starvation and having to salvage for food. Chase had gone in with Brendan, and gotten herself a meal. So now she was trying her best to awkwardly peel apart the wrapper concealing her meaty glory. It took a few more seconds than it really should, but soon the Big Mac was unwrapped and made its way towards her mouth.

It was delicious.

For now, she just needed to spend time with Brendan. She had been awfully protective of him lately. Who wouldn't, with his condition? Just a meal between two friends. What else could one ask for? Well, a lot of things, but perhaps it was the simple things that counted right now.

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