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Right, I'm mainly posting this to get the concept out there and so force my mind to grow and better it. I floated this idea in another thread back in February when I was asking how far I could take his language.


Max 'Hans' Casson, a Neo-Nazi white supremacist with a short temper. His parents are normal parents, doing the best job that they can do - sadly without NetNanny on their computer. Max heard the term 'Nazi' at a young age and thought a cool nickname would be 'Maxi Nazi'. Upon reading about the Nazi movement, he decided a better sounding nickname would be Hans. After months of badgering, his parents decided to go along with this 'phase'.

He mainly sticks to verbal abuse - which in Seattle he has plenty of targets for his non-white diatribes. He wants tattoos but knows school policy against 'images of hate', although that's not what he sees the Nazi symbol as. Regularly writes 'White Power' along his arms of the backs of his hands, using a pen. Uses his dad's weights at home, so has muscles but is too short to appear threatening with them at 5'5".


There. For now. Of course it needs a lot more to get into Pre-game, but now I've typed it I'll be able to think about it more. Like revising for a test is easier if you write it down as you learn it.
V5 Concepts:
Max 'Hans' Casson: A white supremacist with a mean streak normal pro-Aryan attitude. [His views do NOT reflect my own, so everything said in pre-game is all him]


Go and watch Transformers The Movie Abridged!
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