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She's not going to shoot first. So she says. There was always the chance that she was lying. Trying to get his guard down. He wanted to be able to take what she said at face value. Would make things so much easier. Too bad things in life, were seldom easy. Especially when life was like this.

The time to ponder was apparently not now though, as some rustling, muted whispers, and then a voice alerted him to some more arrivals. Fun times. The only way to make this more interesting would be to add more variables to the equation. "I'm not pulling anything, so you can just stay in there then," he called out to the girl, "or you could run."

With that, he crept up to the edge of the building where he'd seen someone waving out. If the girl inside wanted to make some witty quip, he couldn't care less right now. As long as she wasn't getting ready to shoot him in the back. Maybe he'd need to keep watch on the door just make sure. That first involved not running face first into one tired, dirty Saul Fetteralf. Who, by the way, was on the comparably short list of people that were still alive on the island that weren't killers.

Which meant he was on the list of people he'd need to protect.

"Hey there Saul. Any idea who else is coming?" Peter kept his voice at a whisper, and his tone as conversational as possible at that volume. He threw a glance around, and then realized that the moonlight was only sufficient for a few feet of visibility. His flashlight was in easy reach though, and once illuminated, he could actually something besides shadows. Didn't mean he could see who these mysterious newcomers were.

B036: Benjamin Ward: "Sh-shut the fuck up. Or I'll k-kick your ass."
B047: Marcus Leung: "Let's start by staying calm."


Rest in peace

B004 - Peter Siu: "We're all fuck-ups."
G006 - Tiffany Baker: "Will you stay with me, until I wake up?"
G027 - Marybeth Witherspoon: "The cameras are pointing here, not there."
B115 - Tony Russo: "I'm sorry...."
G087 - Rachel Gettys: "I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell."
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