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((GMing of Zach's and Raidon's position approved))

So far so good.

The people, or person, lurking around the corner hadn't attempted to gun him down where he stood. That was promising, knowing that he'd stumbled on people who weren't playing.

Either that, or they were players and just hadn't noticed his presence yet.

'Shit, way to put a dampener on things, brain.'

So what could he do for the time being? Saul wondered if he'd be able to just hang there and listen to any more of the conversation, and if things turned ugly, he could run for the hills and find somewhere else to hide. He listened more, catching bits and pieces of the conversation, if you could call it one. The female then mentioned something about possibly being a killer, only if she had to. 'What the fuck does that mean?' Saul asked himself, feeling the blood draining from his face.

Great. Just great. Maybe he had gone and stumbled on a player.

Maybe. 'Only if I had to, only if I had to... does she mean self-defense?' Well now he didn't know what to do. Perhaps the best thing to do was to just wait it out from the sidelines and see what happened next.

At least that was until he heard more voices, coming from the other end of the church and heading his way. 'Oh come on, what is this? Why is everyone heading over here?' he thought in frustration. Frustration turned to panic when he realized that he was actually stuck between the two groups of people, no way out without being seen. "Shit!" he hissed, covering his mouth up with his hand straight away. Now he'd probably just given away his position to whoever was around the corner. 'Fuck fuck fuck!'

So what could he do now that the situation had changed? He couldn't stay where he was, not with a group consisting of an unknown number of people heading his way. Making a run for it was out of the question as well; they'd be able to hear him. 'I guess I have to take a chance with these guys already here,' he thought, shuffling closer to the corner. 'Here goes nothing.'

He put the gun in his left hand and stuck his right past the corner and waved it around, hoping to grab their attention. "Psst, hey," he whispered, "just warning whoever's round there, that you've, no, we've got company heading this way."
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