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i hate to ask for a further extension on rhory since she's the single most extended death due right now, but my situation hasn't been very conducive to the whole "sitting down & writing" thing. i've been working triple-double overtime at work due to the massive amount of damage & closed offices thanks to Irene, while also juggling being a full-time student & dealing with the damage done to my own home. (& just in case anyone is doubting that vermont was hit hard, because i've been getting that a lot lately: up until three days ago we had [url=ftp://vtransmap.aot.state.vt.us/Maps/VTrans_data_Irene/Damage_Status_Maps/ICC_map_20110901_4PM.pdf]no major roads[/url] left)

on top of that, rosie, who is heavily involved in the death, is gone due to drugs as per the away thread. so even if i was able to bang out the rest of my part within the limit (which i'm not), the death still couldn't be completed.

i really hate asking for another extension. you guys have been absolutely fantastic with giving me time to pull things together for this long, so i totally understand if you're unable to let it drag on any farther. but rosie & i have put a huge amount of planning & work into this death already & we'd really, really appreciate the chance to finish it if that's something everyone is willing to wait just a little longer for

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