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Aileen hit the docks. She just sort of lay there, finally pushing the notebook into the sea and telling Aaron that he had made a mistake. He couldn't begin to fathom what she was talking about. All she'd done was destroy the evidence before he could get to it to do the same. He was going to say something, to gloat, perhaps, but it was clearly meaningless at this point. Aileen wasn't moving, wasn't breathing. Game over for her. It was strange, standing there, on the docks. Aaron realized that, for the first time since the game began, he was truly alone.

That was an odd thought. He'd figured it would happen eventually, but not this soon, and not quite like this. There were still probably twenty to thirty people left. That meant it wouldn't be optimal to be on his own quite yet. Fortunately, he was a fairly unknown quantity at the moment. Maybe three or four people could tell about what he'd done. They would have to be dealt with or avoided, ideally the latter. Then, there were the big killers. Anyone with over two kills probably counted. The right choice there was to shoot on sight.

The good thing was, at this point the killers would likely just weed each other out. Everyone would go gunning for the big names. It was exactly where Maxwell had gone wrong. Winning wasn't about killing as many people as possible. It was about killing the one other remaining person on the island, and about making sure you were in a position to survive doing so.

At the moment, Aaron had a couple of choices. He could stay at the docks, wait things out to the degree possible. That was good for staying alive. On the other hand, he could venture back towards the center of the island, and see what he could do as far as finding a replacement team went. That had the advantage of providing greater firepower and a better shot at actually making his way to the end of things.

In the end, he decided to venture forth. He had his lies in order, and he knew what he would have to do. It wouldn't be so hard, not now. He had a plan of action, and a goal.

Nothing would go wrong.

He didn't look back at Aileen's body as he walked away from the docks.

((Aaron Hughes continued in Whistling in The Dark))
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