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Maybe he wrote the list sort of around the time of v4, so he'd be younger and maybe a bit more dramatic/immature. I remember in school sometimes writing stupid lists with my friends when we were bored, how to survive a zombie apocalypse, what not to do if you're in a horror film, that kind of thing. Then SOTF would effectively go away for a few years and they'd probably forget about the list. Also he'd grow up, become less paranoid, so the 'not going on school trips' thing would pass.

Then in game it's like "oh SOTF", and then after a little while he remembers the list. Might be an amusing moment when he remembers the #1 rule about not going on school trips. Also, maybe, if you made him forget some of the useful rules and only remember weird/pointless ones, it would be kind of funny, and you would avoid some criticism about being meta.
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