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I don't know guys. Maybe it's just me and my love of weird meta antics, but I actually don't see this being too far out there. The main one I see being a little "huh?" would be the trip one. If they're not going on the trip, how are they going to be in the game? Also, v5 will be a couple of years in-story after v4, so I think people would only be a little worried at the most around this time. Sure, you will probably get security precautions put in place for a while because of it, but I think most people would say that the commotion would have died a bit by then, no? Unless the character was THAT paranoid, well, I'd accept that actually. But the trip question still stands. Then again, Zubin's buddies might have went "Hey homie, let's go on the trip! Stop being paranoid, it'll be fine, hon-OHOLYSHIT". That seems like a reasonable explanation, actually.

The rest, though, work if the guy got abducted and went "oh shit! I'm in this place! Quick, think of a survival plan!". They seem like smart things to do, even if you haven't watched SOTF. After all, some people are going to figure these things out, and if we're striving for realism... well, actually, it's not far out there for someone to say "Okay, what has happened on these programs before, and how can I avoid them?" if they got abducted. It could potentially be annoying if it was overplayed, of course. For example, if he overly referenced the events of previous versions, if it got too meta, or if it became the main focus of his character. So, be careful! But the concept could potentially work if written correctly. After all, a similar idea popped up in v4's Ericka Bradley, in that her father's reaction to the events was to educate her and her siblings about survival skills, so it has been established that people would do this in-universe in a way.

Good luck!

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