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One of my characters (Zubin Wadia) is going to have this schtick about being savvy about the game (probably due to having been scared about it when v4 was taking place). As such, he will, by the start of the game, have a list of thumb rules about how to survive a game of SOTF - kinda like in Zombieland. I have a few, but if anyone else has suggestions, I'm open to them. A couple things about these rules:
  • This list is about a rational way on how to survive the game - essentially, it's modelling game play closer to Adam Dodd and Bryan Calvert, as opposed to J.R. Rizzolo or Maxwell Lombardi.
  • This does assume that one is playing rationally, although it will be acknowledged that these rules assume that emotions can be kept in check.
  • Each rule should have a number, a brief phrase, and an explanation of the logic.
Here's a few rules I have already:
  • RULE 0: Don't go on any trips with your class. If you're not with them, you can't get taken onto the SOTF program, and by that virtue, you automatically survive.
  • RULE 1: Don't go psycho. Everyone hates the psychos - to the point where they'll be attacked more often.
  • RULE 2: Don't kill anyone unless you have to. As soon as you've killed someone, you're a target. (Added by Dr. Roy)
  • RULE 3: Loot the bodies. You don't know who drew the kevlar unless (s)he either get shot, tells you, or you check the body.
  • RULE 4: Take the shot: On the off chance that you find a psycho player, DO NOT LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Kill them before they kill you.
  • RULE 5: Don't take revenge. Hunting down someone will only serve to have you violate Rules 2 and 4, and get killed - possibly by someone whom you could have partnered with.
  • RULE 6: Expand your definition of winning. Escape has occurred before. If you find a way to escape, TAKE IT!!!
  • RULE 7: Find allies. At least early on, a group of people that you can trust greatly lowers your chances of dying.
  • RULE 8: Be wary. This of course means that you should not just ally with anyone. Be careful about others - an ally you can trust is worth more than his or her weight in gold. An ally you can't trust is a death sentence.
  • RULE 9: Don't startle people. In SOTF, people who are startled tend to think they're being attacked and are likely to react with violence. (Added by The Bearded One)
  • RULE 10: Never turn your back on anyone. Not even a friend. Sleep with one eye open. (Added by Little Boy)
  • RULE 11: Don't discard any items you are given. With only a few exceptions, the item you are issued will, in some way, shape or form, help with your survival.
  • RULE 12: Don't be a hero. Being a hero and trying to save your buddies means risking your life. If you die, it's possible that your risk was pointless - your friends could die anyway in that same attack. If you get out of there, you can at least collect yourself for the next showdown.
  • RULE 13: Find somewhere safe to sleep. Don't toss down in the middle of a field, strategically place yourself so you won't get snuck up on in the night. (added by Little Boy)
  • RULE 14: Just because its night, doesn't mean the Island is sleeping soundly. (added by Little Boy)
  • RULE 15. Don't monologue: If you have the chance to kill someone, just shoot them. Don't spend a minute monologuing about how evil they are and giving them a chance to sneak a weapon behind their back. (added by chitoryu12)
  • RULE 16: You're a fighter, not a lover. Last-chance romances are distracting, and force you into a no-win situation. (added by DocBalance)
  • RULE 17: Keep tabs on the kills. This is difficult, but if you do it properly, you will have an insight into who the threats are not only based on numbers, but motivations. It helps to know if the five-time killer in your sights killed out of genuine necessity.
  • RULE 18: If you must kill someone, be aware of the bystanders. If they are close to the killed person, they will likely violate Rule 5. Hence, only fight them if they're on their own, or if you're with people that dislike or are neutral towards them. (added by paradise)
  • RULE 19: Do not make a name for yourself. As anything. "Big" heroes and villains alike make attractive targets. (added by Chib)
  • RULE 20: Be boring. Be as boring as possible, don't do anything for the cameras. Both the cameras and other students pay less attention to the guy eating a bag of chips on his own in a room by himself than they do to the girl screaming and peeing her pants or the guy trying to kill everyone he comes across. You'll get a better chance to implement any plans if you're under-the-radar. (added by Inky)
  • RULE 21: If you're planning on escape, DON'T GET CAUGHT. If the terrorists know what you're doing, they'll blow your collar, or send guys after you, or do whatever. Basically, you get caught trying to escape, and you won't escape.
I should note that this does not mean that Zubin will necessarily follow them - it just means that if a situation that falls under these rules comes up, it will be mentioned. Also, Rule 5 is in there under the assumption that at the time of v5 (which I'm assuming is 2011), the v4 rescue was successful and publicly revealed. Should the actual turn of events be different, the rule will be edited or removed.
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