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Okay, he knew what to do, right? She gave him options. Three of them. He knew what the smart options were, and which one was the stupid decision. Aaron was smart, certainly. He was capable of making decisions. She had tried to appeal to his logical side, telling him that killing her would put him in a bad spot. Of course it'd put him in a bad spot! He'd be alone, and then what? Oh hey, let's go manipulate the shit out of Reika's sister or someone along those lines? Kill everything?

So she left him to make his choice. Aaron could figure this out.

Of course he would.


Wait, why was he saying "goodbye"?

A cracking sound.

Aileen felt herself fall over to her side before she realized what happened, her cheek hitting the wet wooden dock. A sharp pain had hit her in the right side of her chest, and she reached up, only to notice that there was something warm and wet there. A rapidly spreading red shape had stained her light purple blouse.

So that was the choice he had to make, then?

Aileen felt herself tremble out of fear and pain as she held the wound, her heart struggling to pump blood. Her eyes were full with tears. This was it. He just went and shot her. She was... she was, for all intents and purposes, dead. Only a miracle would save her now. And those didn't exist. She knew those didn't exist. Some part of her wished that she would be rescued at the last minute by some sort of boat like earlier, but she knew that wasn't going to happen.

She'd... she'd lost. Aileen had allowed herself to be manipulated. She had allowed herself to be controlled, used, and tossed aside. He'd managed to get her to murder someone and to indirectly endorse murder without her realizing it. So he didn't care about them after all. His behavior was just some warped justification to get what he wanted.

She? She was an idiot. She had fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

But Aaron wasn't going to make it any farther than this. No one would trust him. He wasn't going to find anyone else to manipulate. Who would there be?

That was her solace, to know this. The one thing that gave her hope in these last minutes. Aaron would be brought to justice. He wouldn't get away with his hands clean. This was a fact.

One thing she could do in her last moments was to make sure this happened.

The notebook lay in front of her head after she dropped her. Right behind her was the ocean, still purring in rhythm with her heartbeats. Aileen slowly reached out and grabbed it, and soon pushed it towards the ledge of the dock behind her as best as she could.

It fell into the water with a plop.

"Look. Bad move, Aaron", she whispered, her voice coming out with difficulty.

There. He wouldn't hurt anyone ever again.

But oh! She didn't want to die. She didn't want to die. What would happen? Aileen wasn't sure how she felt about the afterlife. Did it even exist? Aileen hadn't figured it out for herself. If she saw everyone who died, what would happen? Would Milo forgive her? Would Charlie, Tom, Lily, and Richard be happy to see her? What about Reika, or Trevor, or Melissa? Or Sarah, for that matter?

Would she see Dad again? Would he forgive her for this, too?

Seeing Dad again. That would be nice, actually. She missed him, so much.

She missed everyone.

But who will miss her?

Aileen wasn't sure about how to answer that question.

Maybe it was the thought behind her actions that counted. She was just with the wrong person at the wrong time. Maybe that was her purpose, not to be a pawn, not to escape, but to do the right thing.

Dad would be proud. So would Mom if she saw this.

Her vision darkened significantly, and she closed her eyes.

There had better be a good library in the afterlife.

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