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Oh look at him! Smiling all smugly while pointing a gun on a woman! Yup, true hero material there. What made Aileen trust him, again? And seriously, he forgot announcements. And the fact that, again, must she repeat herself? He ran out and shot a girl who was probably minding her own business before they got there. Even if she was a player, there was still the fact that his name had been on the announcement, and it was going to be on there once more if he actually pulled that trigger and managed to kill her.

He wasn't even being subtle about the gun anymore. Instead he was directly pointing it at her. Kind of typical of him, now that she thought of it.

And oh look. He was insisting he wasn't a villain, because Aileen had killed someone too! Never mind that someone manipulated her into it. Plus, you know, the issue of the fact that the announcements had alluded to it being a collar removal attempt, if she remembered correctly. There was no time to check, but Danya had gone out of his way to remind everyone that collar removal won't work if memory served right. Running out and randomly shooting a girl and then killing another for yelling at you compared to trying to remove a collar would be completely different in most people's eyes.

Well then!

Things had to have been said.

"Aaron, kill me and you're on your own. Honestly. Who will you manipulate after this? Who will save your ass? Will you just... kill everything in sight once you're done with me? That makes you no fucking better than, oh let's say, Lombardi! Yeah, remember him, ran around the island killing everything apparently? I'm guessing that will be you after you kill me! Am I correct?"

A thought popped into her head, and she lifted the book up so he could see.

"Okay, I'll strike you a deal. One! I'll stay. We'll get rid of this notebook and I'll be in charge. You keep your mouth shut, and I'll protect you. We'll find a way off that doesn't involve killing anyone else. Two! I leave without trouble, taking this with me, and you'll be off on your own without killing anyone. Or three! Shoot me! Shoot me and then go on a killing spree since all your allies are dead and you put yourself in a bad spot because of it! Or whatever it is you'll do!"

She prayed to god that he didn't take the third option. Her heart was racing from both fear and anger, and sweat was pouring down her face. She was mad at Aaron, and yet, well, she had a gun pointed at her. Of course she'd be scared.

"Make a choice, Aaron. Go on, do it."

Coming to a V7 near you.
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