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Cause I prefer less pre-game planning but at this rate none of my children will have any friends and a father has to control his children's social lives very precisely. So let's see who's what:

Ryan Banks

Ryan needs a few homies to be close with but isn't really seeking a large group to hang out with; a small size group to tag along with would work wonders. Fellow track members get bonus points but people have lives outside their sports foos it's not like you have to run and get all sweaty and shirtless to catch his interest. No boyfriend volunteers cause I'm still gonna find one of those through pre-game.

David "Dave" Russell

Dave needs friends, lots and lots of friends. He also could do with some buddies who were members of Aurora's former Student Volunteer Club (Which he is currently trying to rebuild), but other than that he just needs loads of pals and maybe some people he's rubbed the wrong way with his overenthusiasm.

Gabriella 'Gabby' Parker

Not looking for any bands or musical allies or the like as as mentioned in there I already have a partner handler talked out, but Gabby still needs friends and folks to hang out with. Not mentioned in that concept but she'd typically hang out with the peppy crowd more than anything else, but if you have another sort of suggestion please don't be afraid to whip it in my face. No romances though please, scornful and hate filled or otherwise.
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