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Can you hear me?
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Oh really?

Oh. Fucking. Really?

The worst thing in there was names apparently. And who did they belong to? Probably killers, but now she wasn't sure what "other" kinds of names would be in there. Probably something like... oh, she didn't know, a hit list?

And Milo was being used to tell the terrorists that they weren't planning a Polanski style collar removal? Couldn't they have done something ELSE to prove that? Not, again, using a human life and ending it just to send out a message to their captors? Especially manipulating someone else into it without their knowledge? Really? They could have gotten rid of Milo in other ways if he was THAT suspicious. Not... oh god, must she repeat herself?

And he was still insisting that Charlie hadn't been murdered because of his actions! Bull. Shit. He had just ran in and shot up the place, leaving Raidon to kill her! And he still didn't respond to Lily and Richard as well. What about them, eh Aaron? Whose fault was that? And as for Tom... how did he know? Maybe he, gee she didn't know, didn't know Nick was a player, presuming that was the one he was trying to get to sign up? Sure that would not have been wise of him, but still not worthy of getting killed.

Who was Aaron kidding?

Nothing he could say at this point could make her want to listen to him again.

Oh, and Aaron? Pulling out a gun wasn't going to solve anything. Because guess what? She was the only ally he had left. And now she was completely enraged. If he shot at her and attempted to kill her, he would be on his own, and he wouldn't have anyone else to listen to him since he murdered two people, one of which he had been with since day one. He was blowing his chances if he did that.

"Aaron, that doesn't change the fact that you made someone kill another without them knowing what was going to happen. That doesn't change that you ran in and shot a girl causing two deaths that could have been avoided! That doesn't change that you lied about Tom! That doesn't change a thing! It only makes you look worse if you don't own up to it! Oh, and by the way? Put the gun back. PUT THE FUCKING GUN BACK! No, seriously! Not only will you kill someone, no one will listen to you if you shoot me. You'll be out of allies, and you know what? It'll be your own fucking problem!" she yelled.

She took a deep breath and moved a loose lock of auburn hair out of her face. And she opened the book once more to a random page. None the less, she kept her eyes on Aaron. Now that he had his- Lily's- gun out, she wasn't sure if she should keep her eyes entirely in the book.

"Look" she started more quietly. "If I see any more shit like I saw in here, I'll read it out loud, just for our audience at home, got it?"

Coming to a V7 near you.
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