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Aileen was upset. She wasn't playing along. Too bad for her. She slammed the book, then started in on her rant, demanding answers. It was a good thing Aaron always had answers ready. He waited until she finished before speaking again.

"That's about the worst thing in there. The rest is just lists of names and the like.

"Anyways, I have no idea why Milo talked about his plans. I just managed to ensure he served another purpose. I had to prove that we weren't a threat to the game, since all of you kept demanding details and I figured the people keeping us here might be getting a little jumpy. I used Milo to prove that we weren't going to do whatever that Polanski girl did, to keep a bunch of commandos with AK-47s or whatever from coming to pay us a visit. Allocation of resources, you know. Trust me, I'd have preferred to just ditch him somewhere.

"Charlie got hurt because she stepped into a firefight. She did it because she believed in our mission. I'd rather her sacrifice not be rendered moot by infighting. And, as for Tom, he was exactly the same as Milo. He was running off to betray us, trying to get a player to join our group and help him take us out. He picked the wrong one, and didn't know I was following to hear his traitorous plans. I didn't do anything to him."

And that was that, but Aaron knew, just knew, it wasn't going to be this simple. He wrapped his hand around the gun and pulled it from his pocket, still keeping it pointed at the ground. The threat had no need to progress beyond the implicit at this point.

An idea did occur to him, though, one he wished he'd thought of a few seconds sooner. If Aileen was reading the book, she wasn't ranting at him, and wasn't getting in his face. She was neutralized, for as long as she was distracted, leaving him free to act. Whatever happened here, however this alliance ended, it wasn't going to be with Aaron getting the short end of the stick. It was time to start stacking the deck in that direction, just in case. It always paid to have a backup plan.

"But, by all means, double check if you don't believe me," he added.
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