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Can you hear me?
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There were a lot of questions that needed to be asked.

Aaron had started telling some sort of story about how apparently Milo was talking to himself about how he was plotting against them and how he had to lie to spare their feelings. Yes, because she hadn't been beating herself up over electrocuting a guy to death! And to be honest, lying to them was bullshit! Especially since he basically manipulated her into killing someone! God, why did she fall for it? It was beyond stupid and nasty. How did she not spot that he was this manipulative before?

In the past, she would have bought this story. Maybe? Actually, she didn't know. But in any case, whether or not she would have fallen for it before, now she wasn't buying it.

To make matters worse, apparently he lied to them about Tom as well, judging by the fact that he also mentioned him as well. According to him Tom was also a psychopath. So this was it? He had been lying to them the minute they got here? Okay, this was now reaching a new low. This supported her belief; she had to get away from him. She no longer felt in any way connected to him. He was in a way just as bad as those actually killing.

And it was sickening.

Heck, now he was even using their first meeting on the lawn that day, with Sarah and a bunch of other people, to make shit up. Apparently he had "taught" her you have to lie to help people. Oh really? All she remembered was Dungeons and Dragons and how Sarah was passing out. There had been no such "lesson" to begin with.


Unless he had been lying to them even before they stepped onto the bus!

As he went on, Aileen's face contorted in rage even further. How dare he... HOW DARE HE...

She closed the book, making a small thud.

"Alright, I have a bunch of questions that need to be asked. First off, why did you have to solve the problem of Milo by manipulating me into KILLING him? That's worse than telling everyone the truth by FAR. Second, since when was a dehydration crisis a so-called lesson on lying? Third... third... why the fuck would Milo talk to himself about his plans?! He was far from smart, sure, but I think even HE would know better! Fourth, she only got hurt because YOU had went in and started shooting at Raidon, killing that girl and letting her die, so how was a lie supposed to protect her from that? Same goes with Lily and Richard! And finally.... what the fuck happened to Tom?"

Her voice had raised, and soon she was panting and seething.

"Damn it Aaron. I trusted you. I even thought of you as a friend, which is saying a lot. But you know what? This is bullshit."

She waved the book around with one hand.

"Do I have to look in here a bit more to find the answers?"

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