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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Aston Bennett continued from The Golden Treehouse.)

Should have killed the goth girl when she had the chance.

Would have served her no good. Would have increased her odds though.

Odds. Numbers. Shit. Aston was starting to hate math.

It was down to the wire. She made a promise, she was going to stick to it.

No odds about it. No numbers. Just promises.

Aston was in a church though. Not out killing. Inside, sitting.

There were bodies. It looked like crap, like hell's fury hit the parish full-force.

It's not like the dead men were going to mind her crashing here.

Aston figured they wouldn't mind anything anymore.

Just like Joe.

Just like Joshua.

It made no difference. No thinking about the past.

The present. The only thing that existed now.

She couldn't sleep. Mind spinning too quickly. Not enough space. Besides, she would be vulnerable if she fell asleep.

Sleep was not for the weak, the tired. Sleep was for when everyone else was dead.

So she didn't sleep. She waited.

Aston ran a hand through her hair, rifle at the ready.

She wanted to be ready. She was sure that she was ready.

There was a drop of doubt, she shook it off.

She was ready to increase her chances.

At least, that's what she kept telling herself.

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