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Can you hear me?
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There seemed to be a message to her in the book.

Aileen read it over many times once she opened the book and spotted it. She was a fast reader, certainly, but now she wished she wasn't. The grammar was atrocious, and the writer in her, if it said anything other than what it actually said, would have torn its hair out. Too bad it was something rather horrible. She wasn't even sure if she should even flip one more page.

Over and over.

Over and over.

The words were ingrained in her mind very quickly.

But she couldn't believe it. Now she knew everything. He'd been lying to her. He intended for that one thing to happen. Here he was, trying to save his own ass, while plotting horrible shit like this. If she had known this earlier she would have expected what happened recently ages ago. Heck, she would have left a long time ago, long before the boats had shown up. It became apparent what he was thinking. He... he was batshit. He was just using her.

The book shook in her hands.

She had to keep this away from him, continue reading what other kinds of horrible shit was in there, and then... get rid of it so he couldn't do what he had been doing to her and everyone who had joined up anymore. Or maybe she could confront him, and call him out on his bullshit, and then get rid of it. Either way.

Here she was, just following along like a naive little sheep. But no more. Here was where she drew the line.

And from behind her, she could hear Aaron. He had realized that she'd been reading it, and wanted it back. And the tone was as if he saw nothing wrong with what he wrote.

Slowly Aileen turned, barely concealing the amount of rage she had in her. But oh, one could tell just how mad she was. Because she wasn't going to tolerate this any longer.

"No. You're not getting it back", her voice came out quietly. But the tone had a layer of contempt.

She lifted herself onto the dock. Turning the book facing Aaron, she pointed an index finger towards the line in question.

dont worry, ailleen. milo was going to betray us. this is for all of our safety. its not out of control. i knew this would happen.

"Read this out loud. Do it. And then fucking explain. Now."

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