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Can you hear me?
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((Aileen Borden continued from Failing To Reappear))

And now Aileen wasn't sure what to think.

No really. She wasn't sure what to think.

As she moved behind Aaron, she was in a daze. That scene back there had taken a good deal of liveliness out of her. Her framed green eyes, once full of emotion, even of the cynical sort, had taken a glaze in them and seemed to stare off into space. She staggered by, her facial features looking even more pale, making her freckled face look like paper dotted with specks of blood.

What was there to say?

Aileen found herself feeling quite ill since earlier. She was feeling better, but still. Once they had made it to safety, she had thrown up again due to the stress and the impact the flashbang had on her on their way here.

And DuClare- Charlie- hadn't made it. Raidon had killed her. And this time it was clear; it was Aaron's fault. He murdered that girl, and in turn Raidon murdered Charlie. Now that she'd calmed down, she was... more than a little annoyed at Aaron, to make an understatement. But most importantly of all, she was scared beyond belief. She wasn't sure if she should stick around any longer. There was no progress. They only succeeded at killing Milo and leaving a large part of their group to be murdered. They didn't even make it to the boats, just because of one suspicious belief that Aaron had. This sort of thing had been going on for a while. He would never make sure everyone got out alive. Richard, Lily, Charlie, and probably those people at the gazebo had died that way. He never took those five seconds to make sure everyone was safe.

To be honest, she wanted out after earlier. Maybe she could make progress on her own. She probably couldn't get the collar off, but she could probably put up some sort of subtle signal. Maybe starting a fire on the beach like in Lord of the Flies, or perhaps use some kind of mirror or similar object to put up a glare. Perhaps someone would notice. And heck, maybe Charlie was right. Those boats knew where the island was. It was probably no longer a secret.

It was possible, wasn't it? When she first woke up on the island, she doubted that something could have been done about her situation. She doubted Aaron when he said he wanted to escape, but trusted him anyways. But she understood now. It was possible. She was just doing the wrong thing. Aileen could probably accomplish a lot without him around. He did a lot of really dumb shit that cost them many of their team mates. What's worse, was, he really didn't seem to give a shit.

So here they were, at some kind of docks. Aileen stared into the water after placing her things on the wood.

Aaron called out to her, saying that she needed to see something. She looked and... a damaged dock. Really now. It was like he wasn't even trying anymore. It was as if he was stalling for time or something.

"Oh good, a damaged dock. Have fun", she mumbled, as she sat down, her legs hanging over the water.

Thing was, the reason why she hadn't left him yet? Because she still felt like she had a friend, or at least was part of something. And to be honest, she was scared to go off alone. She remembered the one clip of SOTF that she saw. She shuddered as she recalled that clip of that boy ripping apart that girl's throat with his teeth after violating her. When she had first seen it, it gave her nightmares until the start of senior year, it was that disturbing. With that and everything that she had seen here in mind, it was clear that dying here would be a horrible thing. And to make matters worse? Apparently she and Aaron were among the last ones left; the numbers were now in the twenties. That was a horrifying thought. It meant that they were losing. Too many people had died.

She didn't want to die. Dying was a horrible thing, obviously. And what about her mom? She remembered what her face looked like when Dad died. She'd be all alone. Her mother was always protective of her, and if something happened to her... well, she didn't want to see her reaction. And all those people had families too.

Aileen never thought she'd say this, but she missed her classmates. Mom always told her that she would miss them when she graduated. She was right. She would miss them. Just not when she graduated.

Aileen opened the bag next to her to look through her supplies so she could see what she had, and spotted it. Aaron's notebook. She never gave it back after all. Now she was curious. What was in there? She lifted it up and investigated it. Up until now she hadn't thought of looking through it. Maybe she should. Perhaps Aaron would have been hiding things from everyone. At the very least, she'd be figuring out what he was writing the entire time.

And then she did an action she'd quickly regret. She opened it to a random page and started reading.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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