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((Aaron Hughes continued from Failing to Reappear))

Aaron had gone quite a ways from the infirmary. Aileen had caught up, somewhere in there. Charlie hadn't. No real surprise. Losing people was an inevitability. Better her than him. Whatever had happened, Raidon hadn't followed him here. That would be good enough for now. Maybe later they'd meet up again. It would be problematic if they did. Tactically atrocious. Aaron had chosen the logical path when dealing with the island's most dangerous living player. The problem was, that sort of thing only worked once. Next time, both of them would be gunning from the start.

And then there was Aileen. They had been moving at a good pace, Aaron being sure to keep close enough that she could see him and far enough that she couldn't really interact with him. She was going to be livid. He knew this. It was just a matter of dealing with it in the right way, of mollifying her properly. It was going to be a bit tricky; after all, losing teammates seemed to be one of the things Aileen took hardest. Now, though, it was down to just the two of them. There were no more allies to lose. Aaron was a bit nervous about the effect having such reduced manpower would have on his chances, but he would deal with it.

They were at the docks. It had seemed a good place to lay low for a while. Here, they could wait out a good portion of the remaining time in relative safety, in all likelihood without too many people coming to bother them. It also made sense from the perspective of continuing the ruse. Its proximity to the water certainly implied a chance for escape or rescue. He might not even have to say more.

Part of the dock was blown apart, probably by some sort of explosive. Aaron drew his pistol, and slowed. Best to let Aileen catch up, to make sure nobody was lurking. If another player was here, they could be in big trouble.

As he crept forwards, the announcement played. The name of the girl he had hit rang a bell; he was pretty sure she'd killed someone. A player, then. Raidon's partner, probably. Good. The weaker the other boy was, the better. Charlie's death was confirmed, and most of the rest of the island was made a danger zone. They'd definitely picked a good location.

A quick check revealed that nobody was nearby. That settled, Aaron headed towards the damaged dock, intent on seeing just what had transpired. He gestured to Aileen and called, "Hey, over here. You should see this."
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