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This post has been a long time coming, so here goes ...

It is common knowledge that Simon Telamon's issued weapon was the key to Storage Locker 361. The location and contents of the locker, were ... well, this alternate post should tell you everything you need to know. It takes place at the Groundskeeper's Hut on Day 3, and assumes that Simon was the first person to arrive after the area was cleared from the Danger Zones.

(Note: this post would have been Simon's next recorded activity after the thread Twists and Turns)

As Simon ran through the area, the first announcement still ran through his head.

"... Clio Gabriella, shot Chris Davidson right in the head ... tenth to be wiped off the map was Petrushka Ivanova as Miss Gabriella chalked up her second kill ..."

Unlike some of the other students, Simon was having trouble equating Clio, sweet, viviacious Clio Gabriella, with that of a heartless killer. All the same, in spite of his admittedly scant knowledge of SOTF, he grudgingly recognized one thing: Danya was, if not forthright, honest in a sense, meaning if Danya said that Clio Gabriella killed Chris Davidson and Petrushka Ivanova, then Clio Gabriella killed Chris Davidson and Petrushka Ivanova. This led Simon to play the small game of denial - not of Clio's actions, but of her motivations.

Okay, Chris, don't know him - maybe he attacked her and she had no choice (This fact was untrue: Chris had no intention or ability to kill anybody) What about Petrushka? Was that a mercy kill? (Now he was really grasping at straws - while somewhat likely that Petrushka had been severly injured, it didn't jibe with Petrushka's "utter lack of fighting spirit.") That was pretty much what was rolling through his head as he ran away from the warehouse. Enough so that he wasn't paying attention to the burn in his legs ... well leg, but still ... it was only when he looked up when he finally paid heed to something other than his girlfriend - it was small building just ahead of him, a fact he was able to register just in time to prevent himself from unceremoniously crashing into the building.

Huffing and puffing, Simon approached the building, checking his map, as Danya finished off his second announcement:

"Alright, kiddies, all the current dangerzones are cleared. But, it wouldn't be any fun if we had none, so I'm going to go ahead and name The Infirmary, The Key and The Mansion as our latest dangerzones. Don't pull a Codreanu, folks - haul ass!"

His collar wasn't beeping, so it meant he wasn't at the Infirmary, the only other building on the map that the small place could have been was the Groundskeeper's Hut, which had thankfully just been cleared, so it meant that nobody was there to get the drop on him this time.

Simon slowly creaked open the door and turned on his flashlight, pointing the small beam of light around the inside of the building. Nothing of note, really. Just a bunch of shelves, tools, and lockers, like number 3 ... 6 ...

Wait. That number seemed familiar to him. Simon patted his pockets, eventually fishing out his issued key - with the number "361" stamped on it, just like on the locker. Simon slowly approached it, careful not to trip on anything that might be there, and placed the they into the lock and turned it.


Simon pushed on the handle, opening the beige door to reveal an open brown box, containing an empty pistol, six magazines, and a pamphlet. Picking up the pamphlet, he thumbed through it, noting the important facts: the gun was a Lahti L-35, it used 9mm ammo, there was a procedure for reloading and there were safe ways to handle it. Simon breathed a sigh of relief. It was weird that he felt so, but at least now, he had a better chance should someone attack him. It might not make him completely, but it would be enough to at least dissuade some people from attacking (cough Teo and Nick cough).

He then loaded the gun, placed the instructions and other magazines into his bag, and looked around for a bit, cringing a little at the girl laying on the bed with a huge hole in her neck, and left, no less careful, but much more relaxed, knowing that maybe the Gods had something good for him after all.

((Simon Telamon continued in the main story ...))

This piece of information was revealed to me through PM by Toben after Simon escaped with his key, which made knowledge of the locker moot, as the locker was built strong enough so that the the only other way to open the locker was by explosion, which would have likely destroyed the enclosed weapon anyway. Had Simon gone about this route, he would have become much more able to defend himself resulting in the following changes possible:
  • In "Meet Again," it might have been Simon who had killed Clio (in self defense, as Clio would have shot at him, but with the same slow death).
  • In "... Because I Can't Make It On My Own," Gracie Wainwright's death would definitely have been much more streamlined, as Simon would have likely shot at Nick, but a tackle from someone (likely Teo) would have caused the shot to go wild, killing Gracie instead.
  • In fact, Simon's whole style of play might have been changed, as Simon would have been much more able to kill. A second meeting with Clio might have resulted in an alliance, where Simon joined Clio in her rampage, and possibly Simon instead of Maxwell getting it on with Clio in the thread "In and Out."
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