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'Oh... oh crap...'

According to the girl standing before him, Kris Hartmann lay dead on the floor. He knew the name well, it was the name that Garry had freaked out about. The girl who had killed several people as well as Garry's friend, the girl Garry had thought he'd killed himself. And now she really was dead.

Not before she killed Garry, it seemed.

'Damn... I got this all wrong, didn't i?' he thought. The anger and the hurt was fading, his mind working more rationally as he calmed down. He realized that he'd jumped to conclusions, and that had he been slightly more trigger-happy, he could've killed her in the heat of the moment.

Saul slowly lowered the gun until it pointed at the ground. The girl (who he still didn't know the name of) was neither dangerous nor a threat to him. In all honesty, she'd done everyone remaining on the island a huge favor by taking out one of the biggest killers. He shouldn't have threatened her, it was a bad, bad move on his part and he was fortunate that it hadn't escalated into something worse.

Saul opened his mouth to apologize to her, as he rightly should've done.

But then she carried on and told him to fuck off.


All thoughts of saying sorry flew out of the window. Instead of an apology, Saul's mouth just hung open with nothing coming out. He really couldn't believe what he was hearing. His best friend had just been killed, and now he was being run off by that, that bitch! Wasn't he even allowed to grieve for his friend?! How unfair was that?!

He wanted to stay behind. He wanted to show her that she couldn't just boss him around. What he was doing didn't even concern her, so she could just butt out and leave him alone. She should be the one to leave, he wanted to stay there and be with his friend for as long as he could.

But he didn't.

"Fine..." he muttered, glaring at the girl. Her friend approached her from behind, a patch of bright red covered his shirt. Saul briefly wondered what had happened to the blond-haired guy, but as terrible as it sounded, he really didn't care anymore. Both of them could just drop off the face of the Earth as far as he was concerned. "Fine... I'll go."

And so he did, turning on his heel and starting to walk away from the pair. He passed by Garry's body, looking down at his face and sighed noisily. Garry's gun lay on the ground, Saul bending down to scoop it up; he wasn't about to let anyone else have that weapon if he could help it, especially not the pair standing behind him. Fuck that.

As Saul made his way down the path leading from the summit, he stepped over a blackened and misshaped piece of fabric. The charred remains of what was once a green beret.

((Saul Fetteralf continued in The Wolfman Cometh))
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