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He didn't understand. Zach just wouldn't listen to reason- he screamed and he cursed, and he looked desperately up toward Jimmy. There was a time when he'd have smiled at that, or laughed at what he was about to do. But Zach had soured everything, this wouldn't bring him any happiness. This wouldn't bring Rosa back.

It will kill him. And it'll be enough.

You don't get it Zach, I'm not scared. I'm the one who likes the pain- how can I be scared when I like the pain? It's scared of me. Because I'm someone to watch out for, I'm someone worth a damn-

Then he was moving, faster then Jimmy had anticipated. Zach kicked out, a feeble move that should have at the worst knocked him down. But instead, a bolt of pain shot through his leg and he crumbled, letting out a high pitched yelp. Zach was moving before he was even down, vaulting over him and away. His precious gun clattered to the floor noisily, out of his reach.

Everything went slow. Jimmy reached out with one hand as Zach slipped by him, bolting toward the door. The other went to his ankle, and for a second he was terrified Zach had broke it.

Wet. Blood. I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding, he made me bleed!

Jimmy wasn't sure what had just happened- somehow Zach had managed to stab him. His mind raced as he examined his wound, thoughts of winning leaving his mind. He'd taken a beating, sure. But this was bad. Could he walk? Jimmy raised up his ankle, pressing his hand down in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Medicine, I don't know medicine. Zach, kill him, I'll kill him for this-

But for once his rage was overwhelmed by his fear. Jimmy spun on the floor, still holding the wound. Zach was gone. Jimmy let out a yell of rage, but it was no use. It wasn't like he could make him run back and fight. Jimmy let lose, slamming his fist against the floor like a child who'd lost his favorite toy.


It just wasn't fair. Jimmy hobbled to his feet, making sure to balance himself on his good leg. Carefully, he made his way to his gun, and then to the door. Zach would have run for the forest.

With any luck he'd catch him. Then he wouldn't be so stupid. Then Zach wouldn't be so lucky.

((Jimmy Brennan continues in The Theory of Competition))
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