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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Thank you.

Brook could be content enough with that as his only concession. He laid there, his eyes seeing nothing but his mind finally able to see everything, and resigned himself to the guilt that would likely follow him to death. Everybody here had suffered more terrifying deaths than he had... they had all died kicking and screaming, often alone and without a friend in the world to comfort them. Would they find it in themselves to forgive him if they met again?

I won't blame you all if you don't. I won't forgive myself. Everybody at home... I wonder if they even want my body to bury it...

Probably not. Mom is disgusted with me... who can blame her?

The terribile pain came back in waves, but while Brook was blind and Jason was quiet, he knew his friend was there for him in his final, disgraced moments. Cameras... annoying, prying cameras catching his last breaths. It was like falling asleep with somebody taping him. Yeah... falling asleep with a terrible gutache. And that gutache is because somebody totally shot the shit out of you.

He made the only apologies he could in his mind, unable to voice them as he drifted off to the slumber he'd never wake from. But... maybe that was okay. The people he was making them for wouldn't need words to hear them.

... and I really don't know what came over me. That's about the last of it. Maybe if Hell has a sort of... sort of sentence limit, and I get out someday, I'll come up there and ask you for your forgiveness in person. I don't know. I have no idea how the afterlife works.

... Will, soon.

He felt sleepy. The loss of blood was likely to blame, as well as why he felt a bit cold. It had been a few minutes. Jason was still there... they were still in the garden, but Brook didn't have to be afraid anymore. The blood no longer meant anything too meaningful. Brook thought just a few more things, true conscious thoughts, before unconciousness swept him away. His heart would stop soon after.

Jason... my greatest enemy.

My first and best friend.

G'night for now.

... Mate.

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