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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Jason could only watch Brook fall to the ground as he slowly willed his arms to push him off the ground. Every inch of his body strained against him as the adrenaline flooded away, leaving him with only the intense aching. He teetered for a second blinking his eyes as Brook spoke up. He shook his head slowly as he carefully took one step forward towards his fallen friend.

"Brook..." he said, "I... you know I don't have a choice."

Jason tried for another step, but this time his legs stiffened and didn't comply with his mind. He was tired, so tired. Brook lay before him, bleeding. There was so much blood.

"...H-heh... y-you're going to kill me, huh?" Brook's voice was ragged, the silence deafening as he struggled to keep speaking. "... I can't forgive you for what you did. I can't forgive myself even more... G-God, Jason..."

A dull ache flushed across Jason's body, not a physical sensation but a tearing of his heart. Like some door had closed and could never be opened again. His mouth quivered slightly, smiling sadly. He felt tears begin to well up behind his eyes. "Hey Brook," Jason started, "remember that time we found that stray dog? It kept digging up your flowers? We'd grab it every time and tell it to go home but it just kept coming back."

"...F-Fuckign thing..." Brook laughed his chest moving rhythmically. It was kind laugh, not one coming from the monster Brook had become, but a sliver of a memory from a happier time. "That stupid d-dog..." Brook tried to laugh again but devolved in to a fit of coughing, hacking up more blood. ."...I've been acting like an idiot for so long. Y-you don't even know... you had to be there. Their screams... R-Raine, Ridley... the... they were first... and then Colin... and Vi- Oh god... what the fuck did I even do to Vivien!?" Brooks voice cracked as he broke in to tears, the shiny translucent drops mingling with the viscous red fluid that spilled from his mouth. He sucked another breath in and continued while Jason willed himself to move forward.

Another step. This has to end. Take another step.

"A-And Dutchy, wh-who cried... a-at the drop of a hat at everything, and when I..." Brook burst in to body wracking sobs, his chest heaving sending more gouts of blood spilling from his fallen form. "Nathan... tell me he'll be okay Jason. Tell me..."

Jason looked over to Nathan wearily. His friend wasn't moving, slumped to one side, the pistol fallen from his grip, the barrel cool. His chest shuddered for a second as he forced back his tears. "He's not Brook. He's not going to be ok. None of us are going to be okay!" His voiced was raised. "You're right, I don't understand Brook. This," Jason waved his hand across the mess of a clearing that surrounded him. "This shouldn't exist, this shouldn't of happened." He couldn't push back his anguish much longer. "You shot Nathan Brook. He was you friend." Jason's face contorted as his voice cracked. "He came to bring you back. We were going to bring you back." A sharp intake of breath forced itself through Jason's body and his legs wobbled. "We were supposed to all go back."

A little further

Another step.

Brook shook his head helplessly, a slight movement. His eyes closed, blood and dirt congealing around them. "I... they wouldn't take me... you should've gone without me. Left me. Even if you... even if you did what you did, it wasn't too late for you. I can't forgive you..." Brook paused again, his voice growing softer, hoarser. Each word a strain on his body. "But if I could..."

Jason clenched his fist. "Could what Brook? Take it all back? Bring back Raine? Bring back Dutchy? Bring back Nathan?!" Jason was yelling now his voice bouncing around the trees juxtaposed by the ominous silence that permeated the area. "That's not how this works; it's not how life works!" His anger pushed him forward. "This Brook. This is your legacy now. Tell me what to do Brook."

Jason fell to his knees next to the prone form of his friend, his legs finally giving out. Brooks face turned to the sound, his eyes shut tight, sealed in dirt and grime. "... That wasn't..." Brook choked bback a sob and cleared his throat, "A part of me hates you... a part of you probably hates me... but... c-call me 'friend'? M-Maybe... just once?"

Tears ran down Jason's face. This was it, he had to do it now, and make sure Brook was dead. He had to kill his best friend. He grabbed a nearby rock, clutched roughly in his hand. "No matter what you did Brook. No matter what you've become you've always been and always will be my friend."

Brook sighed, as if a great weight had been lifted from his body. His mouth spluttered open once more. "Jason... there's... something I want you to do."

Jason paused carefully. This sounded like his old friend. The kid he used to go on adventures with, the shy, love-struck Brook. He let the rock roll from his hands. "What is it?"

Brook's arm moved, grasping at Jason's hand, clutching it tight in his grasp. "Burn it..." Brook coughed again, spittle dribbling from his mouth, "This garden... when I'm gone, when... he's... just burn it all. I made it thinking it would be... I don't know... beautiful or something, but it's not. It's ugly and it's a disgrace to her... to everybody. Just destroy it..."

Jason looked across the clearing, at the rivulets of blood, the bodies strewn across the area, the dirt, the sheer stench that flooded his nostrils. "Yeah Brook, I can do that.

"...One more... thing?" Jason listened. Almost a minute had passed before Brook spoke again. His friend didn't seem to notice. "Can you... stay with me for a bit? I know I don't deserve it... I was just wondering..." His voice was faint now, not even a whisper.

Jason wiped a tear from his eyes as he looked over to Nathan lying unmoving and then back to Brook, his chest moving ever so slowly now, each breath shorter than the last. He squeezed his friend's hand.

"Yeah, Liam." Jason smiled sadly tears running freely now, "I can stay awhile."
Sickness: Partially suicidal... very slightly because of my report, but mostly because Jason is dead. All of my personal issues stem from the fact that Jason Harris did not win SotF v4

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