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Jimmy could barely control himself. He stared down at Zach, his gaze merciless, his eyes cold and dead. There wasn't a shred of sympathy left in him, no mercy, no nothing. He was angry and hateful, empty with nothing else left of merit. He was cold, he was tired and in pain, a constant unending pain, assaulting his very sanity, or what little was left of it.

Jimmy leveled the gun toward Zach's head, pressing the hot barrel to the boys temple. Zach had scrambled down the aisle on his hands and knees, but there was nowhere left to run. His heart pounded and Jimmy licked his lips.

I barely know him. Why'd he have to do this? Why did it have to come to this? He should have died- died like the rest of them. He should never have tried.

"Fuck you. Fuck you, and fuck your girl," Jimmy snarled, staring down at his prey. "You ran. You ran, and you don't think I'm worth it. So you don't get to talk anymore. You don't get fucking anything."

He pressed the barrel forward, knocking Zach's head back against the shelf.

You're toying with him. You barely know him, and you're going to kill him, just to prove you can.

He doesn't think you're worth it. He doesn't even think you're WORTH killing. Give him a chance and they'll eat you alive. They killed Rosa. They think you're a pussy. They don't think you're a real man.

"I don't care if she was your friend. They told us to KILL our friends. But I don't got any, now ain't that funny? So I had to kill yours instead."

His voice was cracking again, memories flooding his broken mind. Rosa, Rosa had liked him a lot. Rosa was real, she wasn't going to hurt him. But she had hurt him, and he'd hurt himself. Now everything had to die, wasn't the way it went? A stupid boy, on a quest to make the world hurt just as much as he was hurting. That was what he was, that was what he was doing. But the girl would have died anyways, whoever she was, whoever she'd been. Jimmy had just filled the role. Zach had no right to complain. He had taken her for granted.

You can't take them for granted. Rosa is sleeping right outside.

"She called out to you Zach," He whispered, his words coarse and barely intelligible. "She called out to you- as if you were gonna fix everything. Rosa did the same thing, I know she did- she better have. This is your fault. YOUR fault. We were supposed to fix everything-"


I want to go home.

Jimmy pulled the trigger.
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