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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Jason was sure he had hit Brook but it didn't seem to have slowed the boy down one bit. He had thrown his dart gun to one side after the last shot had left the barrel the shrill metal ping signaling the hammer slamming against an empty hole. His second pistol, Maf's, was out just as fast flicking the safety as the dart gun impacted the ground, skittering across the ground. Jason had cut across, sliding behind a tree while sending a few shots out in the way of where Brook crouched. Flecks of bark spat off the ancient tree as Jason moved to gain ground, squeezing the trigger twice more.

The faint click of an empty gun signaled another switch of weapon. Tucking the gun in to his belt Jason yanked the paring knife from the pocket in his jeans, breaking in to a sprint to close the distance between the two. Every muscle of his body twitched in anticipation as the adrenaline flooded through him, making each ache, each bruise he had suffered over the last few days numb to his mind. Jason had reached the tree, Brook was looking down at his blood soaked shirt his face a mask of rage.

The blade lanced out at Brook, Jason gritting his teeth as the blade met thin air. Brook backpedaled, jerking back with each swipe of Jason's furious strikes.

"You're right Brook! You're right you know."

Brook struck out with his arm. Brook was taller and far stronger than Jason was and the haymaker almost caught him off gaurd. His block was lazy, taking the full force of the punch with both his arms, sending the knife skittering away to one side. Jason sent a knee in to Brook's abdomen giving him a brief respite as the gardener staggered back wincing in pain. He barely had time to suck in another breath before Brook was on him again, grappling this time, using his extra mass to overpower Jason.

If this was a straight brawl, both boys ready to fight brook would of crushed him. But it wasn't. Brook had been shot, had been struggling every day since the two had split up. Jason however had had a relatively easy time of it. He had far more in reserve.

Jason grunted as Brook bore him to the ground. "I made you in to this monster."

A punch to the ribs, a sickening crack, sharp pain.

Jason fought back pummeling smacking against the back of Brooks shoulder blades, kicking out with his legs, kneeing Brook's thigh. "I'm going to end this, I'm going to make this right."

He had tears in his eyes now. He knew this wasn't a faceless monster. This was his best friend. They had grown up together. Brook spat blood on his face as Jason's knee impacted hi stomach. Jason used the moment to free himself from his friend's grip and struggled to his feet, stepping away. He hissed at the sensation in his chest. It was his nerves were being scrapped with knives. He forced himself back in to the fray, swinging down at Brook with his left. The blow was blocked.

Fuck, he's strong." Jason though has the disengaged and Brook staggered back upwards. Jason was counting on better speed and endurance, but Brook didn't seem to be slowing down. Jason caught his first blow but not the second. They crashed to the ground, side-by-side. Brook wasted an instant, trying to claw himself back to his feet.


Jason swung his elbow across Brooks face. The blow was jarring enough for Jason, he couldn't imagine that Brook was any better off. His vision was suddenly obscured by sweat and Brook was upon him again. Something gave in the left side of Jason's chest and the ache radiated outwards like some sort of inferno. He let the rest of his body go limp and focused, trying to force all of his remaining strength in to his left arm. He gripped Brook's shoulder, his right arm struggling outwards for something, anything to grab.

Through the white hot pain of Brook's blows Jason caught a glimpse of Nathan struggling behind him, his gun being raised shakily in one hand.

"Shoot him Nath!" Jason cried as Brook's fists slammed down on him again. "Shoot him!"

Jason felt his hand slip around something. His left arm was failing. He grasped the object and swung, the edge at Brook. He felt the impact, but searing pain blacked him out for a second. Something crunched beneath the steel. Jason's hand slipped away and fell to the ground.

This is how it all ends.
Sickness: Partially suicidal... very slightly because of my report, but mostly because Jason is dead. All of my personal issues stem from the fact that Jason Harris did not win SotF v4

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