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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Zach was fucking scared.

No, not fucking scared because that would actually qualify it. This is a level of fear that didn't even fucking register. Mother fuckers couldn't even comprehend just how fucking scared he was. Zach kept dodging through aisles, ducking and weaving. Zach Jamis was waiting for an opening to make a run for it, but at the same time he had no clue where the fuck the ginger was! He could be anywhere! His voice was coming from every direction, and he had no idea where -

Wait, didn't this guy just ask...

What the fuck was wrong with this guy?! Did he want Zach to kill him?! Why the fuck would anyone want to die after killing someone with a shotgun?!! Zach didn't fucking understand! Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK!

Coward?! You bet your fucking ass, anyone with half a brain and no weapons would be running away from you you stupid freaky ginger! Sam told him to run, so he ran, he ran as fast as he could and he wasn't going to fucking regret that! Just go outside and shoot yourself in the face Jimmy! For fucks sake! Just leave him alone!

Zach's heart was pounding. The ginger popped into view, Zach freaked. He quickly ducked behind a shelf, held his head with his hands.

Get a grip. Calm down. He's not going to -


Zach spilled back, slid on the floor! His legs were jelly. He knew he had to get back up to his feet, had to run but he kept slipping. No! No no no, shit, Zach, get up. He scattered to the ground, clawing at it with his hands.

Zach turned back. Ginger was there, hovering over him. No. No, he had to run. Had to escape. His legs turned to rubber.

Play it cool Zach. Just play it cool.

"Y-You stay the fuck away from me!" Zach was uncool. He was angry, scared. "Y-You fucking killed Sam! Sam-" Shit. Was he crying?! "Sam was my friend! She was - "

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