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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The scene unfolding in front of Brook's very eyes transcended mere incredibility. After who knows how many days, or weeks or years in the garden's existence... nobody cared about time anymore, he was sure... Jason and Nathan came into being for him. How unfathomable it seemed that the three of them might meet up here again.

"J... Jason?" Brook uttered with a genuine gasp, a smile creeping steadily onto his face. "Oh, w-wow... I wasn't sure when I was going to see you guys again. And you're alive! Imagine that!"

His arms hung loosely at his sides. The gun felt heavy; it felt lethal, but also lethargic. Nobody had to die just yet, no matter the insurmountable hatred that laid just beyond the floodgates of his smile. For a moment, perhaps the splendor of the garden might allow them all to relive the times in which they were all friends. Maybe just for a moment, Brook didn't want to see their guts spill out all over the ground.

Happiness can come in many shades, however, as Brook had soon learned. There were now three living people in the verified garden of madness, but part of his mind told him there should have been four. They were all together, but now they wanted to bring him home.

"Y-... you know, I missed you both a little. Buth, uh, where's Maf?" Brook asked, turning his head and looking as though searching behind the two, as if the Fijian boy was hiding behind a tree. "Or was he on..."

Deaths blur together. It's become meaningless a long time ago. Focus.

Brook shook his head, the beginnings of a moan becoming caught in his throat. "N-Never mind that. It's nice, Jason, that you're doing all of these things, but..." The gardener turned away from the rescue party, walking through his own creation as he gestured with his free hand. "I can't exactly leave all of this when I've spent so much time bleedings bits and pieces of myself all over it." A demented chuckle fragmented the sentence. "Oh, well, in the metaphorical sense. None of this blood is actually mine."

It's been a long road, but we're almost here. She cries out for it. She wants him...

He had nearly reached the far end of the garden before turning around, staring directly at Jason. "Besides, you know just as well as I do that they're not going to take me back. I've killed way... waaaaaaay too many people, Jason!"

A hand and gun raised.

"And... and you know who's fault that is? Not mine... not mine, Jason!"

The hatred was shining through. This petty facade didn't have to be held up any longer. The walls of Brook's own creation screamed at him and drove him foward, sending him to confront his best friend and sworn enemy. Both of them would not leave to fuck up somebody else's life... this was their fault. THEIR FAULT. Not his!

"See, I came to terms with the monster I am a long time ago. The millions and millions watching at home? They know I'm fucked up! Shit, Jason, I know I'm fucked up!" Brook wanted to scream, to roar his words to the world and ram them right through Jason and Nathan's fucking heads until they were shitting vowels. No... but that would only reinforce the image of his own insanity. Brook wasn't crazy... he wasn't crazy. Just a little broken. And so his voice remained low. It remained low, and it grew harsher. It grew harsher, and it became colder.

So cold...

"But you... you, Jason... heh... why can't you come to terms with what you are? You made me. You made all of this. All of this behind me and in front of me and around me, so take a damn good look. Look long and hard... because just like you did to me..."

The gun moved again. Poised. Ready to kill.

"I'm going to take everything from you that you ever cared about."

The trigger was pulled, and a bullet was sent with love to Nathan Choultard.
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