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The world was a blur, light and color refracted by the tears that would not stop flowing from Saul's eyes.

He sat back and stared at the swirling black and red mass that was Garry's body. He just continued to lay there as still as a statue, the heat dissipating from his body. He wasn't going to spontaneously leap up and yell "gotcha!" as if he was only playing dead. There was no pretending here, he really was gone and he wasn't going to come back.

'Why? Why did you have to be so stupid? You didn't have to come up here! You'd still be alive if you listened to me in the first place! God dammit, Garry!'

Saul punched the ground and let out a loud sob, ignoring the pain he'd just inflicted on his poor knuckles. He went to rest his head on Garry's chest again, but there was a thump from behind him. Saul whirled round onto his knees and wiped the tears away, giving him a brief view of the scene before his vision could blur over again.

From the few seconds that he was able to see, he witnessed a dark haired girl standing over another female that laid on her side, blood seeping out from a fresh wound in her back. The girl who stood there was holding a knife, stained with blood. Fresh blood.

The girl lying down wasn't moving either. Saul wiped his eyes again, making sure he could see properly, and stared at her more closely. She wasn't just immobile, she wasn't breathing either.

She was dead. Dead like Garry.

Saul looked up at the dark-haired girl, his mouth agape in horror. His eyes flickered back and forth between the girl's face and the stained weapon in her hand. 'No... no...'

Wound. Knife. She'd killed the other person. She was a killer. So... that had to mean...

'She... she killed Garry.'

Saul hurriedly reached into his bag, rummaging through it for several seconds and then brought his hand back out, his fingers clasped tightly around the handle of his gun.

"Hey, you! Yeah you, standing there with the knife. You killed him, didn't you?" Saul snarled, pointing the barrel at Kimberly's torso, his arm shaking badly to match his eyesight. "Didn't you?!"
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