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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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No no no no shit fuck fuck fuck no how the fuck could this happen?! Zach got there once the shelf fell and watched as The Ginger filled Sam up with lead and - She stopped moving! Zach was gasping for air - no, he grabbed for as much air as he could! It left all too quickly!


Every bad boy voice in his head told him to get a fucking hold of himself! But fuck them, fuck everything, Sam was - Sam -

Fuck. The boy turned around and saw him. That sick fuck was looking right at him!

Zach - Zach didn't know what the fuck to do! Jesus fucking christ Sam was - oh shit. Sam was dead! She was dead! Zach couldn't believe it! Memories rushed into his head before he could even think! He had been friends with her since elementary, Zach was this asshole and Sam had always stuck around! He never really thought about it! That was when the other memories, the robbing, the escape group, that girl who had screamed at him, Mizore, that kid Simon, that mute kid that Zach pissed off, all the dead kids, everyone, dead, dying, death, and Lacy, oh god Lacy, his parents, home and how he used to cry like a baby at everything and and and -

Zach shook out of it and took a step back.

Sam had told him to run.


Zach didn't fucking know! Out the door?! That shit was in this fucker's view! He'd mow him down! God damn it Sam! Couldn't you have been more specific! Shit! Zach, Zach, think god damn it!

If he were the badass he always imagined himself to be, Zach Jamis would piledrive the ginger right in the face and break every bone in his scrawny ginger body.

Zach didn't do that though. Who would be stupid enough to try that?! He was no god damn super hero!

So for once, Zach Jamis actually listened to something Sam had told him.

Zach Jamis turned on his tail and ran.

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