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She missed. Didn't matter. She had his attention. He was focusing his rage on her, all on her. It was the least she could do. It was all she could do for Zach now. Give him a chance to get clear. With her legs injured, the grim reality was that she was doomed. Her chances at making it out of here were gone. All she could hope for was to help Zach. She had gotten him into this mess, after all. She wished she could just undo it somehow, could just leave him at home. It would have made these days worse. Would have maybe caused her death a lot earlier. It didn't matter.

And the boy was beating her, and she was hurting, and the gun was clattering off somewhere, but she was trying to keep calm, keep under control, just to buy Zach a little longer. He'd probably come over, though. He'd probably try to save her. That couldn't happen. The boy had a gun, a big one. Zach was tough, but all it took was one shot to kill someone, no matter how tough they were.

So she had to make Zach leave. Had to make sure that one shot never came. And then the boy had moved, and she couldn't see him, and she was hoping he wasn't going after Zach. Not that. She had to keep him safe. Had to protect him, one last time. Had to see her best friend through this.

There was a crash, and something heavy fell on her. She was able to throw her arms over her head, to prevent it from killing her instantly. It was over, though, even more than before. She'd screamed in there, throughout, intermittently. Now, she fell quiet. She could barely see, through a small gap in the rubble.

He still had the gun. He even fired a couple times, bullets shredding through the material covering her. She felt the pain, once more, flashing throughout her body. She was dying, and quickly. Still no sign of Zach. She hoped he'd run, but at the same time, the thought hurt her somehow. He wouldn't do that. He wouldn't leave her.

And then, she thought she saw a figure behind the other boy, a figure she knew. The pain was overwhelming her, blood flowing from her various wounds, her vision fading to black, but she still managed one final effort, one last feat of strength. One shot. That would be all it took to end him. That couldn't happen.

"Zach," she said. "Run."

And then there was nothing more she could do.

G008, Samya Franklin: DECEASED
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