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((Seel, PM me if this is out-of-line. You approved GMing earlier but I'm not sure if it's still okay.))

Joe felt himself fading, but willed it away with all of his strength.

have to help aston through this can't die now can't die now can't die now can't die now

"That's... that won't help. I got fucked up worse than I look, and if you haven't noticed I look like Hell took a bowel-shattering shit all over me," Joe said earnestly, his breathing noticeably labored. He clenched his left fist and unclenched it. The one Reiko hadn't torn a chunk out of. He couldn't move his right.

good something to focus on so much for art though why the fuck am I thinking about that won't pass out won't die just yet have to stay alive just for another minute. i didn't save aston just to watch her go insane with my last breaths have to help her

"I... know you don't want to think about this, but you know what, fuck it. I just want two things right now," he said.

running out of time running out of time need to get it over with

He stood up and staggered forwards. A bit of blood, mixed with stomach acid, flowed out of the corner of his parched mouth. Aston got up and held him steady. He took a step back and stretched out his arms, his left wrist flopping down.

"First off, give me a hug." A pause. "I know... it sounds-" he took a deep, but ragged, breath- "-real fuckin' stupid, but we both... damn well need it," he said, quieter.
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