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Alright, everyone! The rolls follow, but first, a brief announcement. The BKA/BDA following these rolls will be the last of V4. The math behind it works out such that another would award a null at the final roll, in effect letting someone give a free ticket into the finals, which wouldn't really be fair at all. So, yeah, we'll be granting extensions as usual here, but please note that if you exceed the start of the contest, there will be no next month to be bumped to.

That said, here you are!

#1 Liam Brooks (MK Kilmarnock)
#2 Charlotte DuClare (Jonny)
#3 Mary-Ann Warren (Ruggahissy)
#4 Josie Vernon (zombiexcreame) - Fiona Sparki (zombiexcreame, Swap Card used)
#5 Ilario Fiametta (faceinabook) - Teo Weinstock (Fanatic, Hero Card used)
#6 Hayley Kelly (Hollyquin)
#7 Kimberly Nguyen (KillerVole) - (Ciel, Roll Null used)

As always, three days for cards, seven more for deaths.
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