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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Sam went ahead of him. Even after promising that he wouldn't let her out of his sights, Zach did just that. The place was damn deserted, she would be fine. There were more important matters to be concerned with.

For example, cigarettes.

They kept the cigarettes behind the counter, in a little open shelve named "CIGARETTES". He made a beeline for it, forgetting about Sam.

He scrambled over. The window was stained glass with a big crack in the middle. Even though he couldn't see quite well through it, he knew it was empty.

Zach grimaced. Fuck everything, seriously. This was getting to be ri-god damn-diculous. Lines of expired cereal but no shitting cigarettes. He didn't need much. He didn't need fancy shit. He just need something to tide him over.

He flipped over the counter. Maybe the assholes stored some behind it.

No such luck. Zach cursed to himself, pulling open cabinet after cabinet. He had to find something. He was pulling at the cobwebs, desperate to find something.

This was bullshit. The dump place had fucking cans lining the walls and rats scurying out of every friggin hole in the wall. There had to be cigs. Had to be. Yet there wasn't. Zach's heart was pounding.

"Fuck," Zach said, slamming the cabinets. "Fuck fuck fuck shit fuck me fuck," he wheezed, "just... shit. God"

He held his head in his hands.

Get up Zach. Get up and act like a man.

He needed cigs though. Shit made him cool. Made him a goddamn genius. Kept him contained.

Didn't mean you have to be a complete pussy Zach.

Inhale exhale. He was trying so desperately not to waste his last ones. He wanted to hold onto them as long as possible.

Maybe if he weren't being such a shaky fuck, the sound wouldn't have made him leap.

The noise was loud. Zach never heard it before, but he was sure that he knew. A cannon. They used that shit during war reenactments right? They were fake. His pops brought him to one when he was little. It bored the shit out of him. The entire thing was just a snooze, and Zach had his arms crossed the entire time.

The sound was much more violent. It wasn't as loud. And there certainly wasn't a loud crash. It felt contained.

Like a gun. A fucking gun.

He remembered Sam.

Knew her for so long. Only thing close to a normal friend. He had let her go off, alone.



Zach dropped the cigarette as he ran. He didn't go to pick it back up.

Zach didn't know where the shot came from. It was in the store. He knew.

Everything was crumbling.

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