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Kris's hands were numb. The grenade launcher fell from nerveless fingers, clattered somewhere onto the mountain path. Her ears were ringing. It had been so loud, so bright... And the screaming... Had there been screaming? Was it just the selfish, callous little part of her that refused to give in, refused to stop the bloodshed, roaring in triumph? Was it the other part of her, the part that skateboarded and drew pictures and aspired to be in a skating game one day, screaming in mourning for the person she once was?

The dead.

Maybe that was it. Perhaps it was her conscience, wailing its dirge, but...

Kris was beyond guilt now. She'd just attacked. Like a rabid dog.

What am I...?

She stared down at the weapon. One hand jerked spasmodically towards it, then... then she seized that hand with the other. Clamped down on the wrist. Kris looked at her own hands.

Looked at them until a lance of agony cut straight into her back.

It was the first sensation Kris had truly felt for days.


"K-kris won't hurt us."


Kris is gonna hurt us

Kris staggered forward, but didn't lose her footing, even though she could feel the blood oozing down her back.

She turned around as if in a dream, eyes wide yet barely seeing anything. The scenery spun wildly around her.

"I forgive you."

You can't



it's not allowed

Kimberly. It was Kimberly. Blood on her face.

She saw the stiffness of her arm. Where she'd been shot.

Kris's fault.

Could've killed her.

She didn't feel regret.

"Ah'll stand by ya Kris, no matter what ya do."

Didn't deserve you

My fault

Etain I'm sorry I'm so sorry

I let you down

I let everyone down

Kris looked at Kimberly.

Kimberly looked back at her.

She hadn't meant it, back on the beach.

But that - Kris hacked as the pain worked its way deeper into her - that wasn't good enough.



She falls

god what did I do?

"You cow."


sick freak


I'm sorry


I tried I justcan't


Kris stumbled again, and this time, didn't keep her balance. She fell to her knees with a thud and the blood was everywhere, she could feel it spilling out onto her jeans and there was just way too much of it for her to possibly be okay. And Kris's head lolled back as she stared up into the sky and a cackling black skull buzzed around her head and taunted her for Al. A haunting piano melody drifted through the air and she looked around and saw Reika, Reika sitting at the keys of a mag ificent piano and a smile was on her face even though there was a hole in her ch st.

K is blinked and glance to one side and saw a girl lying back on the ground next to her. And she looked back and scow ed accusingly because she was impaled to the grou d with a huge metal spike and Kris realised that it was Janet. Kris heard a forlo n howl and there stood a wolf, blo d matting its fur, half of its he d missing. Somewhere, anoth r girl sobbed for their mother, cr ing with pain, desp rate for help, slowly dy ng as she wept.

And Kris tur ed her head and wh re the w lf had be n now inste d was
a disjo nted bundle of body par s like some kind of twis ed jigs w puzzle. And she kn w that it was Sunil, and she had d ne that to h m. Then Kris lo ked down to the ground and star ed to cry, te rs spi ling for e ery fu k-up, s arti g f om t at sec nd s e h dn't thr wn the g n aw y in th s amp.

She whi per d

"I'm sorry."

"Tha's alroight, Kris."

And she was wrapped in warm and reassuring arms and it didn't hurt any more.

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