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The girl didn't answer, neither of them did.

Instead, the blond-haired girl picked up the huge weapon, swung round and pointed it right at him. Garry's eyes went wide and he stepped back, though that wouldn't have helped him in the slightest if she was to fire it, which she was probably intending on doing. 'Shit!'

She was going to try and kill him. All he did was ask for her name, and she was going to blow him to pieces. He needed to stop her. He quickly raised the gun and flicked the safety off. But there was still an element of doubt in his mind.

'I-I can't do it - She's going to kill you - But what about her? - Do it, do it now or you're going to DIE! You don't want to die, do you?'


'No I don't.'

His finger tightened around the trigger.

There was an almighty crack. The recoil stung his hand like a bitch, jerking his upwards. He gritted his teeth and scrunched his eyes shut, the tendons and muscles in his arm feeling like they'd just been smashed by Saul's sledgehammer.

He'd been perspiring so much that the gun, as soon as he fired it, slipped out of his sweaty and slippery palms and fell to the floor. 'Aw crap!'

He immediately opened his eyes and tried to catch the gun, but couldn't grab it in time and it clattered on the ground. For a moment, he was worried that it was going to fire again from the impact, but it didn't, just resting there with five bullets inside. He knelt down to pick the gun back up. Taking his eyes off the girl who was still very much alive.

Big mistake. A giggle reached his ears.


He froze while down on one knee.

'Oh God no...'

It was that sound. The same godawful sound he'd heard just before Sunil was blasted to pieces. He looked up and saw the girl holding the grenade launcher, aiming right at him. A silver orb flew through the air towards him and hit the ground, bouncing once and then rolling closer and closer. It came to a halt a few meters away from his feet.

'You fucking bitch-'

Garry only managed to turn and take two steps away before the grenade exploded.


Saul jumped a foot in the air and screamed when he heard the booming explosion. It was loud, and looking up towards the top of the slope, he could see large plumes of smoke spreading in all directions as they were caught by the breeze.

The smoke was coming from right where Garry had headed off to.

"GARRY!" he yelled, fearing the worst. He scrambled up towards the summit, hoping that Garry was not the one caught up in the blast.


One moment, Garry was trying to run away from the grenade, the next he was lying face up on the ground, several meters away from where he was originally, with no recollection of how he'd even got there. The lower part and left side of his body felt like it was on fire though, and he couldn't feel anything below his left knee.

'It... it hurts...'

There was a very good reason for that; he'd suffered extensive burns and lacerations to those parts of his body, and the bottom half of his left leg was no longer attached to the rest of his body. It was just gone, ripped to pieces by the force of the blast.

'Oh god... it hurts so much...'

He blinked, then realized that only his right eye was responding, and that the left side of his vision was black. He tried to move his arm, but the muscles just wouldn't respond. Same for his legs - at least, what was left of one of them. He could move his right arm slightly, but his hands, no dice.

'What... what did she do to me...?'


"Oh my God, GARRY!"

He'd been praying, literally praying that Garry was safe as he rapidly made his way up the path to the summit, but Saul's worst fear was sadly realized. Arriving on the scene, he could see Garry lying in a growing pool of blood. Half of his leg was missing, and most of his body and clothes had been burned beyond recognition. It was a sickening sight to lay eyes on, and the smell of burning skin and hair only made it all the more horrifying.

"No... no! this-this can't, it isn't-!" he howled out, ignoring the others assembled nearby and rushing to Garry's side, dropping to his knees. 'This can't be Garry, this can't! There has to be a mistake!' Blood stained his jeans, but Saul didn't give a damn. Garry was all that mattered at that moment in time. "Garry, Garry, hang in there! Please don't die... please, you can't!"



Saul had arrived, and if Garry had been capable of smiling, he would've done. Saul was mouthing things, no, he was shouting things in desperation, looking completely distraught. Garry couldn't hear a word he was saying, in fact, he couldn't hear a single thing apart from a persistent buzzing noise. The explosion had also deafened him, making everything seem like a movie with the sound turned off.

"S-S-Saul," he croaked, barely able to get his friend's name out. It hurt so much to speak, his lungs felt like they were on fire, and he was pretty sure they'd been badly damaged in some way by the explosion, along with the rest of his internal organs. "I-I'm sorry..."

He nearly choked on the words. Not through emotion, he was literally choking on a mixture of saliva, blood and bile that was accumulating in his chest, slowly suffocating him.

He wanted to tell him to go on and survive, he wanted to tell him to hunt down all the bastards who were playing the game, he wanted to tell him to kill the people who'd put them here in the first place, turn the tables on them, make them feel what it was like to be hunted.

But he couldn't. Try as he might, he couldn't force any more words out.

Just one more thing to remind him of how big a failure he was.

He failed Cyrille, he failed Violetta, and Rena, and Sunil. And by rushing up to confront what was going on, he'd failed himself. Here he was, dying, and all because he just had to go investigate something that wasn't even his problem. 'I am such an idiot, I deserve to die for being so stupid,' he thought.

It was getting near impossible to breathe. All he could manage were a few gargled noises from deep in his throat, a sign he was fading fast. The buzzing noise was diminishing, the sight in his good eye was darkening, like he was being dragged backwards through a tunnel.

The last thing he saw before his sight finally gave out was Saul leaning over him, tears running down his cheeks.

'I'm sorry... I'm sorry for everything...'

'Go... win this...'

'Sur... vive...'



"Garry... don't go, please, Garry!"

No response.

"Garry!" He roughly shook his shoulder. Garry's head shook limply from side to side. No movement of his own. No breathing. No pulse. 'No... please, no...'

He was gone.


Saul immediately buried his face into Garry's chest, clutching the charred and bloodied remains of his shirt tightly. He cried heavily, his back jerking up and down with each sob. The tears flowed freely, a cascade of grief that didn't show any signs of stopping any time soon.

The husky howled to mark the passing of the wolf.
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