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Ah, fuck. That look on Ema's face right now, Hayley hated that look. It was the look that said "I feel sorry for you, so I'm gonna make shit easier for your sake". There were a lot of things Hayley hated about this situation (beginning and ending with pretty much fucking everything though), and it was hard for her to take pity on top of it all. But whatever, okay, her face was bruised and probably still a bit bloody and she could barely walk and okay, maybe she looked like someone who deserved pity, and maybe she really couldn't walk too much farther. Maybe she needed the fucking help and god help her, the last bruise she needed to be thinking about was the one on her ego. The one on her eye, THAT shit deserved thought, and a massive amount of concealer. She had some on her, didn't she, in her bag, but the thought of the fine motor control needed to use it right now made her need another pull of her cigarette.


Hey, if I haven't crushed this thing accidentally by now, I should be able to manage, right?


...Fuck it.

"Crashing sounds good. The kind that involves sleep. Not the kind that involves...dying. My bad, I'm...kinda out of it."

Just stop talking, all you sound is pathetic.

Whatever. Time to be the trolls under the fucking bridge.

Doing that involved moving, though. Not very much moving- not nearly as much moving as actually getting to the building-type thing in the distance would require- but moving nonetheless. She'd made it this far, granted, but the promise of incoming rest had sucked much of the will from her limbs, and she found herself seriously wondering why they couldn't just set up camp here. Right in the middle of the fucking road. Then she got through her own thick skull and realized that dying probably hurt more than this.

Yeah, okay, honeybee. Moving's a thing you can do. You just did it. You just WERE doing it. Look, hell, the sun's barely going down, it's probably like 8, that's mad early. Just pretend you're not a broken version of yourself and move.

Easier said than done, but whatever, Hayley had Ema, she's like a cane, only bigger and more...ginger..., and it really didn't take as long as she thought it would to get to the bridge. It felt like an hour. It was probably ten minutes, maybe less. Time was an irrelevant sort of thing though. Time could shut up and play somewhere else for a bit. Did that make sense? No? Whatever, she forgot about her bad...metaphors? That wasn't even a metaphor, she didn't know what that was, but either way she forgot about it because she was busy collapsing.


Only for a second. Like, she didn't really collapse and pass out again or anything horrible like that, but her ass did hit the ground pretty hard. That was okay though, since they were where they were supposed to be, and she didn't have to move anymore, not ever, her mind whispered, and she didn't listen. Instead she inhaled, and she exhaled, and she watched Ema unpack the thing that was almost like a bed. Towels. All the comforts of home, in her mind, at this point. She could hardly conceive of beds anymore.

She just watched, because, goddammit, there was nothing else this broken shell she lived in would let her do.

And when she could, she curled up beside Ema, a complete reversal of every other night. Pressed against her girlfriend's chest and wrapped in her arms, she supposed she should feel safe. That was how this was supposed to work. Maybe that was how it felt to Ema, in nights past, but Hayley just hated herself. Hated the Bitchmobile who'd did this to her, sure, okay, yeah, that was obvious, but hated herself for letting her ass get beaten so badly, for making Ema have to do this for her. She was supposed to be the strong one. She was supposed to protect her. Because she'd done such a bang-up job of that so far, yeah?

Appropriate word choice.

Her cigarette was long gone. For once, she had no urge to put off sleep for a moment longer, to forget herself in her lover's arms. Fuck that. That sounded like effort.

Instead, Hayley shut her eyes and tried to find some peace.
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