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The boy who used to be Jimmy waited behind the shelf, his breathing heavy. They'd strolled right in, two of them. Just before leaving he'd spotted them in the bushes and quick as a mouse he'd ducked back inside. Now, now they were in his domain.

My domain. I like it- I like that.

He edged forward, trying to contain his excitement. The gun was heavy in his hands, hard to lift. He'd removed his shoes, carefully padding along the tiled floor trying not to make a sound.

Who were they? Jimmy wasn't sure. He'd recognize them if he got close enough... But he didn't want that.

They're the enemy. I need to kill them, that's what I've got to do. I don't need them yelling and screaming. I need them dead and buried, just like Rosa.

So far they were unaware. The girl had broken off, headed down an aisle. The boy... Zach, Zach was his name. He was elsewhere.

I'll deal with him later. First the girl. Look at her Jimmy, barely a scratch on her. And she thinks she deserves to live? She hasn't earned it. Not like me, you fucking earned it tooth and nail, Phil and JJ, ain't that right?

Jimmy stepped into the aisle, raising the shotgun up toward her back. She didn't even know he was there. He held his breath, his grip tightening around the trigger. The boy who was Jimmy squinted down the sights, a grin appearing on his battered lips.

She hasn't done anything. She hasn't done anything- what kind of person hurts an innocent girl? Bastard. You're a fucking bastard. Right from the start, you never deserved to win. You said it till you though it was true but it was a fucking lie. Coward. Bastard. Failure. You're going to die, just like her and it won't matter.

You're going to die just like Rosa. Alone and scared, because this world isn't fucking fair. How easy was it for them to kill Rosa? Just a squeeze on the trigger, just a blade between the ribs. Nothin' at all. Just like squishing a fucking bug. They think you're a bug, that's right Jimmy. You never did nothin' you just wanted to live and they thought you were a fucking bug, just someone in the WAY. But you're not. You're going to make it, ain't that right? But if you want out, you fucking fight. You hurt them right the fuck back Jimmy. Make them bleed. Hurt them until it's numb, until you're the one on top. 'cus you got the Moxie, right? Collect their fucking heads. Collect THEIR FUCKING HEADS.

The shotgun kicked in his hands and the girl fell.
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