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((Garry Villette and Saul Fetteralf continued from Mistaken Identity))

Garry knew that Saul was not the best navigator in the world. The disastrous journey that Saul had lead on the first day was testament to that. In fact it pretty much contributed to Cyrille's death (and, by extension, Miranda's) and the entire group splitting up. Not that Garry would blame him for the deaths and the break-up, that would be a dickish move on his part.

But when it came to leading the group in the right direction, Saul had failed spectacularly, which was why Garry had decided to navigate their way from the houses to the fair instead.

Except he turned out to be just as terrible at map reading and directions as his friend had been. Since they'd left the residential area, they'd nearly entered two danger zones - the southeastern woods and the southern felled forest respectively - and almost ended up right back where they started from. At which point Garry had said "screw this" and decided to climb the mountain to just see where to go next.

Garry had first heard the voices as he and Saul approached the summit. He turned his head to try and gauge where the sounds were coming from, and the proximity as well.

"You hear that?" Garry asked, getting a nod from Saul as a response. "That sounded pretty close, too close for comfort," he announced, checking his gun. It was reloaded, safety on so he didn't accidentally blast his foot off, he was all good to go. "Stay here, I'm going to check it out," he said to Saul.

"Wha-Garry, what the hell are you doing? We should stay where we are, it's safe," Saul protested. He paused a moment to reconsider what he just said. "Okay, it's mildly safer, but still..."

"I just want to see what's happening. Besides, if they're a threat to us... well, I'm not exactly defenseless, am I?" Saul didn't look happy at hearing Garry's last sentence. The way it was phrased, it sounded as though he was deliberately looking for trouble. 'He's not a cold blooded killer, he's not like that, so don't think those kind of things,' he told himself. Garry was a good person at heart, he knew him better than anyone else on the island.

"Alright, alright, like I'm going to be able to dissuade you or anything. Just don't do anything stupid. Take a peek and come right back, got it?" he stated.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya," Garry replied, heading off towards the summit. The voices were clearer and easier to make out the nearer he got. Eventually he was close enough to finally see what was going on. "What in the world?" he whispered to himself, crouching down low next to a tree stump as he surveyed the scene.

It was a couple of girls having a fist-fight of some sort. The black-haired female threw a weak punch at the blond, who simply dodged it and delivered a couple of hard blows back. It was pretty brutal, enough to make Garry wince. 'Dammit, I know Saul said to just take a look, but I can't just sit here doing nothing, someone could get killed if this carries on.' So he decided it was best to intervene before the situation deteriorated any further than it already had.

"Hey, HEY! Anyone mind telling me just what the fuck is going on here?" he demanded, walking out from his cover, holding the gun down by his side. No sense in threatening anyone with it just yet. Only if things went to hell would he raise it. Only in self defense. That was how he was operating.

And then he saw what the blond girl was leaning on. 'What is that,' he wondered, glancing down at the weapon, 'is that some kind of massive gun? Looks more like a rocket launcher or-'

The memories came flooding back.




The announcement.

"Kris Hartmann continued her explosive kick by blasting Sunil Savarkar to pieces."


'No. Fucking. Way.'

"Hey, you," he said, pointing his left finger at the blond girl, keeping his gun pointed down. "What's that thing you're leaning on and where did you get it?" he asked, starting to tremble ever so slightly. "No, in fact, better yet, I got a different question for you. What's your name?"

The strange thing was that Garry didn't know which he wanted more; finding out that he wasn't face to face with Kris Hartmann, or discovering that he was.
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