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It was her. The girl that all those days ago...

"Oh, hi, Kris!"

...She'd shot.

The bag. Wrong name. They saw.

She'd tried to kill her.

"I mean, Kris kinda looks like Reika, right?"

Kris hadn't... she hadn't meant to... she was just...

Afraid. They know. Guilty. They know.

Kimberly was moving.

Steve was moving. Planning! Couldn't trust him!

She'd broken into a run.

"Don't worry, guys. Kris won't hurt us."

Kris won't hurt us.

Kris won't

Don't w-w-w-worry

Kris won't hurt us

Don't -wyis- hurt us

Don't hurt us

It was... she hadn't meant to... it had been accident, just... just an accident.

Reika. Accident #1. How many more?

Kimberly was closing in now.

Didn't mean it.

The sway might have been intentional, it might simply have been Kris's weariness playing havoc with her balance. Kimberly's punch went wide, and the first time in a while, Kris's eyes... focused. The other girl stumbled into her, and Kris suddenly stood firm, and with a blur of motion, slammed her knee into Kimberly's stomach before launching a wild overhand punch with her free hand. It was sloppy, but the blow connected with Kimberly's face, knocked her back. Something might have crunched, but Kris was so numb that might have been her own knuckles for all she knew.


The life went out of Kris's eyes and so too the energy from her body. She stumbled and nearly fell, propping herself up on the grenade launcher. A hand went into her pocket... searching fingers finding ammunition. A grenade.

What are...?
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