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Cannon Fodder
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Krilacia Flameaux: Looks-wise, she stands at 5'4", weighs 142 lbs, sports light brown hair down to her shoulders, and has pale skin. Her chest is sized at an average C cup. Being a 19 year old female, she started taking in an education a year late. It was only due to how her wealthy family was hesitant at first. She mostly led an average school career, slipping by with a B-C average. However, her life really took off two months after her 16th birthday, when she accidentally walked in on one of her friends having relations with her(as in her friend's) boyfriend. Rather than be embarrassed, she invited young Krilacia to join their fun. She said yes, and soon lost her virginity in the threesome. One final note is that she's of French descent.
William "Billker" Kerrigan Ashcroft: His height stands at about 5'2", with 127 lbs on his body. His hair's short and dark brown, and usually covered with a scally cap. He seems to be a laid-back student. Most of the time, he'll comment on something in a snarky way. He's a smoker on occasion, reserving cigarettes for when he needs to unwind. Though he as born in New Jersey, he transferred some time ago after it was revealed that his father screwed over a local gang. Currently, he's 18.
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