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"Reiko Ishida," Joe said. "She fired a shot at you and narrowly missed blowing your brains out, so I tackled her and beat the shit out of her. She shot me twice and bit a pretty big chunk out of my arm in the process, but it's okay. I saved your life, even if it meant I broke my word to you, and that's what matters."

Joe tried to smile, but could only manage a pained grimace. He counted himself lucky that he wasn't hit in the lungs; from the throbbing pain, he guessed that he was hit in the left kidney and small intestine, but being untrained he couldn't tell for sure. A decent-sized amount of blood coming up his throat and out his mouth confirmed his guess.

"Besides, she'll be dead soon anyways. She's out of ammo, and a board with a few nails in it isn't exactly a great weapon," he said, blood dripping down his lower lip.

A pause. Joe's breathing was becoming ragged and he could feel the end coming soon.

"Mind if I make a couple last requests?" he asked. "I know it's silly, but there are a couple of things I wanna get out of the way."
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