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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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And for a time Aston froze. Couldn't move a muscle.

Guilt. Fear.

Aston was so fucking glad to kill before. Now it was a struggle.

And after that, it was over. Joe stumbled out.

Aston heaved for breath. She felt like she was the one who was shot

"... Joe."

She didn't have time to focus on Joe's promise. She was too focused on hers.

She had hesitated, and she froze the entire time.

Aston had done this. Joe had done his best. It was Aston who fucked up.

She didn't even see what had happened.

She wanted to ask him if he was alright. She knew that he wasn't. Wasted breath.

"Who did this?" She asked. Breathless again.

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