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((Samya Franklin continued from Refraction))

Zach was talking to the cameras. He was here, though, with Samya again, so he could talk to whatever he wanted to, however he felt like doing so. At least his speech was usual for him. He wasn't going crazy, just letting off some steam. If this was what had stopped him from turning their encounter with Reiko into a firefight, Samya was totally fine with it.

He glared at her. That was... well, okay, she didn't know what that was, but it was okay. Zach was alive, she was alive, so everything was okay for now. He'd gotten a bit ahead of her, but that was okay too. They were in the residential area. It was almost comforting. She could just keep up. There were landmarks here, recognizable things. She quickened her pace a bit, moving to catch up, as they approached a store. Zach asked if she wanted anything.

"You think there's any trail mix?" she asked.

She'd had trail mix before. It had made things better, at least for a little. Maybe, just maybe, it would do it again.

She hoped the ending would be better than last time.
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